Resident Evil: Village “Runs Perfectly” On Xbox Series X, Struggling On PS5

Capcom is said to be facing some difficulties while trying to optimize Resident Evil: Village for PlayStation 5. The upcoming mainline installment in the franchise has been giving no troubles when running on Xbox Series X though.

Posting recently in a ResetEra thread about next-generation frame-rates and resolutions, well-known Capcom insider Dusk Golem stated that the current build of Resident Evil: Village struggles to achieve stable 60 frames per second at 1080p on PlayStation 5. That being said, the game “runs perfectly” on Xbox Series X with stable 60 frames per second and that too at glorious 4K.

The announcement trailer that Capcom showed off during the PlayStation 5 digital event in June was notable for including choppy frame-rates. In fact, the footage appeared to have been stitched together from two different builds. Dusk Golem explained that Sony wanted Capcom to record all Resident Evil: Village gameplay on PlayStation 5. The optimization woes were why the announcement trailer showed performance issues.

However, fans should not be concerned at all. Resident Evil: Village is still around a year away from release. Having optimization troubles is common during development. Capcom will naturally be spending all of the time from here to release in making the game as optimized as possible on PlayStation 5 as well as other platforms. It would be an unlikely scenario where Resident Evil: Village releases on PlayStation 5 with stuttering frame-rates and terrible performance.

The game has been pegged for an official release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC somewhere in spring 2021. There have been rumors that the impact of COVID-19 might force Capcom to push the release window back.

Resident Evil: Village will be set in Europe and will feature a stalking antagonist similar to Mr. X and Nemesis. She has been dubbed as the witch for the time being and has been designed around insects. Where Mr. X and Nemesis announced their arrival with thundering footsteps, the witch will be doing so with a haunting laugh.


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