Resident Evil 4 Saddler Boss Guide

Osmund Saddler, the mastermind behind the Palaga infection and the final villain of Resident Evil 4. You will face him in the....

In the realm of Resident Evil 4, you will face numerous challenges in your quest to survive the horrors of the undead. And at the heart of it all stands Osmund Saddler, the mastermind behind the Palaga infection and the final villain of Resident Evil 4. You will face the Resident Evil 4 Saddler boss in the 16th (the Final) Chapter of the remake.

This guide will delve deep into the strategies and tactics you need to take down Saddler in RE4 and emerge victorious in your battle against the forces of darkness. So sharpen your wits and load up your weapons, as the fight of your life is about to begin.

How to defeat Saddler in Resident Evil 4

Here is a systematic procedure that will quickly lead you to defeating Saddler and finally finish the length campaign of Resident Evil 4:

Dodge the attacks in the beginning

At the beginning of the boss fight in Resident Evil 4, you will need to dodge Saddler’s attacks. Use the dodge button to evade his attacks or use a quick turn to avoid him.

Try to maintain a distance from him as much as possible because Saddler can grab you and deal massive damage. He also throws black acid at you, which can potentially eat away your armor.

Aim for his eyes

Do not waste your ammo on Sadddler’s legs or other body parts, as they are properly armored. The only weak point Osmund Saddler has is his big ugly eyes—attack with your full might at the eye on his leg, mouth, and Limb in RE4.

Make use of the explosive barrels

The area of fighting with Saddler is extensive, and you will find several explosives on the ground. Ensure to shoot the barrels when the boss gets near it, as it will inflict enormous damage to his health in Resident Evil 4.

Beware of the Novistadors’ attacks

Osmund Saddler occasionally sends forth a few Novistadors to attack you from every side. Although they deal minor damage, you should take care of them at the right time to avoid any trouble later.

Go for the Yellow core at the last stage

Just continue shooting at his eyes and dodging his acid-and-grab attacks until Saddler in Resident Evil 4 is covered in tentacles. You will only be able to see his Yellow Core, the only place left for you to attack.

Apply your most fierce Magnum attacks and keep evading the tentacles the boss throws at you.

When Saddler is hurt enough and has lost most of his health, Ada will throw the Rocket Launcher: Special toward you. Use it at Osmund Saddler and end the fight right there.

Some general tips for facing Saddler

Besides the tricks above and techniques, these are some general tips to follow throughout the final fight.

  • Bring plenty of healing items, as Saddler’s attacks can deal massive damage.
  • Keep your distance from him as much as possible to avoid Saddler Boss’s attacks.
  • Do not waste your ammo on his legs or body, as no damage will be dealt to them in RE4 Remake.
  • Try to conserve your rocket launcher and magnum ammo for his transformation, and use them at the right time.
  • Use the environment to your advantage, as you can get behind pillars or use them to block his attacks.
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