Resident Evil 4 Krauser Boss Guide

One of the most notable bosses in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 4 Remake, Krauser, is an old comrade of Leon who has joined the...

One of the most notable bosses in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 4 Remake, Krauser, is an old comrade of Leon who has joined the Los Illuminados and now focuses on spreading the infection to the USA through Ashley.

Krauser taught Leon everything he knows so you can expect this fight to be quite challenging as the boss knows all your moves and is quite skilled. The Resident Evil 4 Krauser boss fight is one of the most iconic ones in the franchise, right up there with the likes of Berkin and Nemesis.

Resident Evil 4 Krauser Boss Fight

You face Krauser at the end of Chapter 14 in Resident Evil 4, where you face off against Jack Krauser in a multiphase boss fight. The Krauser boss fight has three phases in the RE4 remake.

Phase 1

The first phase of the fight has Krauser shoot at you from a distance. As you enter the arena and meet Krauser in the cutscene, Krauser takes up his vantage point on the roof and starts shooting at you.

Immediately get to cover, and move from cover to cover when Krauser stops firing. Krauser is about to fire bullets or a grenade at you; you see a red laser tracking you, so avoiding his attacks won’t be that difficult.

From the bridge, head into the building and turn left to the stairs to get to the crack. Before interacting with the crack, Krauser will come for hand-to-hand combat so you must be have mastered the parry mechanics in RE4 by this stage.

Krauser taught Leon that a knife is faster than a gun, and this is what you need to remember. Krauser will dodge your bullets, so avoid using a gun and wasting ammo. Instead, parry Krauser’s attacks and use a knife attack of your own when you get the chance.

After you have dealt sufficient damage, you will start stunning Krauser, and you can use a shotgun to blow up Krauser’s face. If he starts dodging your bullets again, it’s time to prepare for another knife fight, quickly parrying and dodging Krauser’s attacks in Resident Evil 4.

Once you have beaten Krauser here, he will flash bang you and escape. Here, use the crack and head through the door that is lifted.

Phase 2

The door leads to a series of narrow hallways you must get through. Krauser won’t attack you himself as much as previously, but the catch is that these little ways are riddled with traps. Bear Traps, Laser Bombs, and automated MGs, all of these are spread throughout your path, and Krauser will attack you twice during this phase.

You must watch your step, as spotting the bear traps in the dark alley will be a massive challenge in Resident Evil 4. Once you exit the narrow alleys, Krauser will start shooting grenades at you again, and you again need to move from cover to cover to get to the end. Once you cross the door, your second encounter with Krauser start.

This time, you can also reliably shoot Krauser, but stay ready for a knife fight. Krauser will stand atop the edge of the building, and you need to shoot him till he falls. Then keep on attacking or parrying him.

Use the pillars for cover if Krauser shoots at you in Resident Evil 4. During this phase, your shotgun will be valuable for shooting Krauser in the face to hurry along. Keep attacking Krauser, and he will retreat again, leading into a cutscene and the third phase.

Phase 3

After phase 2 of the boss fight, a new cutscene is triggered, and Krauser has had enough of you. He removes his shirt and mutates his arms into giant knives, which also act as his shields. After the cutscene, Krauser attacks you and breaks the floor, knocking you down into the dark corridors below.

You need to navigate through the dark corridors with nothing but your flashlight to guide you, and Krauser will be stalking you, attacking you periodically. You need to be ready to dodge the attacks. Even if you spot Krauser coming for you, your attacks won’t stop him, so don’t waste your ammo.

Make your way through the dark corridors, climb the ladder at the end, and climb the tower that triggers the final fight in Resident Evil 4.

Krauser comes face to face with you, and you must defeat him. Here, you need to use both your guns and your knives. A knife deals more significant damage than a weapon, but landing a knife attack is more brutal.

Krauser will attack you, then jump back so you can shoot him as he approaches you. When he strikes you, you need to dodge his attacks, and you can kick him back after a successful parry.

During the fight, Krauser will jump onto the cliff behind you and try to stab you. You can shoot him when he jumps up and dodge his attack when he comes down.

The fight with Krauser is simple. All his attacks involve slashing at you, and you can parry and dodge or parry them all. After you have defeated Krauser in RE4, the cutscene shows Krauser falling and accepting his defeat. Leon goes and finishes off Krauser by stabbing him in the heart. The Rookie has become the Master.

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