Remnant From The Ashes Armor Sets Ranked and Tier List

Let's rank all those Armor sets in Remnant From the Ashes.

In Remnant: From the Ashes, There are multiple armor pieces and armor sets that you can mix and match to benefit from various stats that suit your play style. Some people like to work around their defensive stats and be on the top when it comes to defense, while others just want to look good in battle.

Below is a list of all Remnant From the Ashes armor sets ranked based on their various benefits in the game. We have selected the best sets of armor in different tiers to make it easy for you to decide which armor set to go for, along with their locations, stats, and abilities further down below.

TierArmor Set
CAdventurer Set
CAkari Set
CBandit Set
BCultist’s Set
BDrifter’s Set
BElder Set
AHunter Set
AOssesus Set
ARadiant Set
SScrapper Set
SSlayer Set
STwisted Set
SVoid Set

Now, let’s rank these Armor sets individually and discuss their locations along with the stats:

13. Adventurer Set

adventurer set
  • Location: Starter Set
  • Base Armor: 31
  • Weight: 14
  • Ability: Treasure Hunter: Increased chance of obtaining loot from destroying objects.
  • One Piece: +10% Chance Two Pieces: +20% Chance Three Pieces: +35% Chance.

12. Akari Set

akari armor set
  • Location: Rohm – Vault of Heralds. You have to search for 3 Glow Rods, on the dungeon grounds. After finding one, place it at the Vault of the Herald. Once you place all 3, you’ll unlock the armor set.
  • Base Armor: 38
  • Weight: 20
  • Ability: Opportunist – Evade enemy attacks flawlessly and have a boost to Melee Damage and Critical Chance for 10 seconds.
  • One Piece: +15% Melee Damage and Crit Chance. Two Pieces: +30% Melee Damage and Crit Chance. Three Pieces: +50% Melee Damage and Crit Chance.

11. Bandit Set

bandit set
  • Location: Earth – The Depot: Collect the Pocket Watch from Mud Tooth’s hideout and then go ahead from the church area to find Barabus at The Depot. He’ll give you the Bandit Set in exchange for the watch.
  • Base Armor: 35
  • Weight: 17
  • Ability: Freeloader – Immediately replace a bullet you’ve used when it hits.
  • One Piece: 10% Chance. Two Pieces: 20% Chance. Three Pieces: 35% Chance.

10. Cultist’s Set

cultist's set
  • Location: Starter armor for Cultist Archetype that you can purchase from Rigs.
  • Base Armor: 43
  • Weight: 22
  • Ability: Blood Pact – Increased mod power from Critical Hits.
  • One Piece: +15% Mod Power on Crits. Two Pieces: +30% Mod Power on Crits Three Pieces: +50% Mod Power on Crits.

9. Drifter’s Set

  • Location: Earth – Founder’s Hideout: Go up the stairs of the Founder’s hideout then enter the room that has the bookshelf in it. Breaking the bookshelf will reveal a secret area that has two pieces of this set. The helmet can be found somewhere on Earth.
  • Base Armor: 52
  • Weight: 32
  • Ability: Wanderer – Reduced stamina usage.
  • One Piece: -10 % stamina usage. Two Pieces: -20% Stamina Usage. Three Pieces: -35% Stamina Usage.

8. Elder Set

elder set
  • Location: Yaesha-Random Dungeon: Visit the dungeon that has a temple area with a wolf door that lights up. Once you’re through the hoards of foes that attack you, you’ll acquire the set.
  • Base Armor: 41
  • Weight: 21
  • Ability: Believer – Slight chance that you won’t consume Dragonheart when using this.
  • One Piece: 10% Chance. Two Pieces: 20% Chance. Three Pieces: 30% Chance.

7. Hunter Set

hunter set
  • Location: Starter armor for Hunter Archetype that you can purchase from Rigs.
  • Base Armor: 42
  • Weight: 21
  • Ability: Sharpshooter – More damage to Target weak points when they’re more than 15 meters away.
  • One Piece: +7% Weakspot Damage. Two Pieces: +15% Weakspot Damage. Three Pieces: +25% Weakspot Damage.

6. Ossesus Set

osseous set
  • Location: Rohm – Wasteland Merchant. There is a small hallway at the wasteland merchant waypoint in Rohm. There is a dog and a blind merchant there. Exhaust all possible conversations with him until you get the armor. The prices are: Helmet: 700 Scrap Body piece: 1,750 Scrap Boots: 1,050 Scrap.
  • Base Armor: 56
  • Weight: 38
  • Ability: Bloodlust – Boost to damage dealt for 5 seconds after finishing off foes.
  • One Piece: +7% Damage. Two Pieces: +15% Damage. Three Pieces: +25% Damage.

5. Radiant Set

radiant set
  • Location: Yaesha – Stuck Merchant. Chat with the merchant until you run out of dialogue and then you’ll get the chest and leg pieces of this set. The helmet is in a dungeon on Yaesha that can be accessed via a key behind the Stuck Merchant’s chariot.
  • Base Armor: 69
  • Weight: 59
  • Ability: Momentum: Boost in Crit Chance and Crit Damage for 2 seconds after you land Critical Hits.
  • One Piece: 0.75% Crit Chance and Damage. Two Pieces: 1.5% Crit Chance and Damage. Three Pieces: 2.5% Crit Chance and Damage.

4. Scrapper Set

Scrapper set
  • Location: Starter armor for Scrapper Archetype that you can purchase from Rigs.
  • Base Armor: 57
  • Weight: 41
  • Ability: Challenger – More damage dealt to foes within a 2.5-meter radius.
  • One Piece: +5% Damage. Two Pieces: +10% Damage. Three Pieces: +15% Damage.

3. Slayer Set

slayer set
  • Location: Corsus – The Elf Queen: After winning the Ixillis boss fight, you’ll get the Guardian’s Heart. Take that to The Elf Queen in Corsus. And she’ll give you the Slayer Armor Set and a Crossbow in return.
  • Base Armor: 53
  • Weight: 34
  • Ability: Assassin – After reloading, the next shot is more powerful for a second.
  • One Piece: +10% Damage. Two Pieces: +20% Damage. Three Pieces: +35% Damage.

2. Twisted Set

twisted set
  • Location: Earth – The Gallows. Survive the fight against The Root Shrine on Earth. Once you’ve dealt with all the enemies and finished the quest, you can craft the armor set yourself for 10 Lumenite Crystals.
  • Base Armor: 67
  • Weight: 55
  • Ability: Regrowth – Regain health slowly.
  • One Piece: +0.15 Health Per Second. Two Pieces: +0.238 Health Per Second. Three Pieces: +0.333 Health Per Second.

1. Void Set

void set
  • Location: Rohm – The Monolith. Head to The Monolith fast travel spot on Rohm from Ward 13 and keep an eye out for a symbol in front of the tower. Walk along the tiles from there to ensure they don’t pop up once you push them down. Eventually, the symbol will be much lower so you can access the Monolith and head to the station to craft the set.
  • Base Armor: 70
  • Weight: 63
  • Ability: Vengeance – If you’re taking damage, you get a boost in the damage you deal for a duration of 10 seconds.
  • One Piece: +4% Damage. Two Pieces: +8% Damage. Three Pieces: +13% Damage.