Remnant 2 Static Sound Bug Fix

The static sound bug is an annoying one in Remnant 2 where the static sound keeps playing persistently. Here's how to fix it for good.

While playing Remnant 2, you may have encountered the static sound bug where a persistent static sound keeps playing. It can be rather frustrating to deal with, especially when you don’t know what’s causing it. It happens when you use a specific skill. Even when the skill ends, the game will keep on playing the sound persistently.  

Thankfully, the fix is fairly straightforward and you can fix it on your own in a matter of a few minutes. It requires just a few simple steps after which the static sound stops playing in Remnant 2. Here’s how to fix the bug.  

How to fix Static Sound Bug in Remnant 2

The static sound bug is triggered when you use a particular skill. The skill in question is the Bulletstorm skill. If you use the skill and then switch weapons, you can encounter the static sound bug in Remnant 2. Sometimes, it can happen when you use a melee weapon right after the skill ends. It’s different for everyone but the Bulletstorm skill is the instigator here.

In order to fix it, use Bulletstorm again, and then take out your gun and use it. Your character model should be holding a gun when the skill ends. Now you’ll need to shoot your gun once before the skill ends. Ideally, you shouldn’t switch to your melee weapon as long as the skill is in effect. But if for whatever reason you switch to a melee weapon, ensure that you switch to a gun and shoot it before it ends.

Doing so will fix the bug and the static sound will stop playing in the game.

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