How To Get The Chimney Purple Item In Remnant 2

The Downward Spiral amulet is the secret purple item you can come across in the Chimney dungeon of Remnant 2.

The Chimney, a dungeon in Yaesha, is home to very valuable items in Remnant 2. As players progress through this dungeon, they’ll find and unveil some important material. However, a purple item on the map always seems impossible to get to.

The Chimney Purple Item in Remnant 2 leaves most players muddled and curious. Due to its secret location, obtaining this item can be quite confusing.

However, with this guide, you’ll easily get the purple item in The Chimney in no time, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks it provides. So, let’s get started.

The Chimney Remnant 2 Purple Item Location

After you have completed the time-limited puzzle inside the Chimney dungeon and defeated all enemies, it’s time we start looking for the Chimney Purple Item.

You can open the map to search for the exact location of the purple item in the Chimney. However, when you reach that location inside the dungeon, you find nothing. This can be frustrating, but you’re very close, so do not give up.

As you spiral up the dungeon after completing the puzzle, you’ll see an opening in the wall to your right with a Root bridge connecting it to the opposite platform. You must travel on this root bridge to get this item.

After traveling a short distance down this bridge, you must look slightly upwards to your right. Zoom in with a ranged gun to get a better view until you find the Chimney Purple item glowing above. You can locate it between the root and the concrete platform, as shown in the image below.

After locating this item, shoot it to bring it down. Next, you must head back down the spiral path to collect it. Eventually, you’ll see the purple item in the Chimney lying on the floor as you go down. This item is the Downward Spiral Amulet, so equip it to enjoy its perks.

Downward Spiral amulet stats and effects

The Downward Spiral is the secret purple item inside the Chimney Dungeon of Remnant 2. This is a brilliant amulet flaunted by deadly Par Archers and has some powerful stats players can use to their advantage.

  • Increases Fire Rate by 10%
  • Increases Melee Attack Speed by 15%
  • Gain 3% Ranged Damage (Max 15%) and 4% Melee Damage (Max 20%) for every missing 10% Max Health.

As evident from the stats, you can pair with either a ranged or melee character, with more bonuses for the latter. The Downward Spiral is ideal for offensive gameplay and will give you a major edge in battle.

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