Remedy Explains Why Quantum Break Will Not Be Just Another Mediocre Game And TV Series

It’s not easy creating a perfect blend of a TV series and a game. Trion World’s Defiance MMO tried doing it with a TV series. Although it was renewed for a second season, the show itself and the game failed to generate any buzz and now the game is going free-to-play this month.

In a world where games don’t translate that well into live action be it series or movies as seen by the Hitman and Max Payne movie, Remedy Entertainment is taking a huge risk by going the TV route for its upcoming title Quantum Break.

So what is stopping Quantum Break from becoming just another mediocre game with a tie-in series that equally lacks luster? Well that would be Remedy’s commitment to quality. Remedy Entertainment’s CEO Matias Myllyrinne believes that if gamers are paying 60 bucks for a game, they should be getting their money’s worth.

“The game needs to be good. It’s the starting point, anything we put out there and people put down their hard-earned 60 quid, they need to be able to rely on us to not suck”

While the game is visually impressive, being a next gen title and all, does it have enough juice to be more than just a visual spectacle and deliver a compelling story? Given Remedy’s track record it would be no surprise if they manage to pull it off.

Remedy Entertainment is known for great games like Alan Wake and Max Payne, and from the looks of it Quantum Break is turning out to be one such title as well. The developers believe in “pushing the envelope” not just for the TV series but the game as well.

Quantum Break is an Xbox One exclusive title and is scheduled to be released sometime in 2015. We will have more on its gameplay sometime in August.


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