Redfall Safehouse Locations, Missions And Map

Safehouses in an open-world game play a very important role as they serve as resting points and hubs for vendors...

Safehouses in an open-world game play a very important role as they serve as resting points and hubs for vendors and quests. The same holds true for Redfall as these safehouses let you pick up missions, trade supplies and liberate neighboring areas from vampire control. Below is the guide which shows all the Redfall 2 safehouse locations in both Commons District and Burial Point District.

Redfall 2 safehouse locations

The safehouses in Redfall are the key areas that you need to claim at any cost. Just like any other open-world game Redfall also has the feature of a safehouse. A safehouse in Redfall allows you to control a certain area of the Neighborhood, using that area, you can buy ammo, chat with other survivors and complete missions which will help you progress in the main story.

Safehouses also act as fast-travel points in Redfall which makes it easier for the player to move around the map easily since these safehouses are scattered throughout the map and each safehouse covers a large area.

However, these safehouses are not just some area that you can just go and claim just like that. You must start the generator outside the safehouse. But before starting the generator, to claim the neighborhood, you must kill the vampire who is already controlling that neighborhood.

Defeating the vampire will grant you a skull that can grant you access to the Vampire God’s Lair. Vampire God is the one who controls all the vampires in both districts in Redfall.

That’s right, there are 2 completely different districts and each of them has different numbers of safehouses however, the steps to procure the area remain the same that is to kill the controlling vampire and start the outer generator to claim the title.

Commons District safehouses

The first district is known as the Redfall Commons District and it consists of 5 safehouses on the entire map, namely;

(1) Heritage Rock Lighthouse, (2) Custom House Museum, (3) Sedgewick, (4) Redfall Hospital, and (5) Redfall Fire House.

Each safehouse in district one covers a large area and upon completing the missions in the safehouses will help you progress in the game easily.

Burial Point safehouses

The second district is known as the Burial Point and it consists of 8 safehouses in total due to the large area of the Map and these safehouses can be easily found on these locations;

(1) Smith Family Orchard, (2) Haven Lighthouse, (3) Last Chance Giftshop, (4) Maritime Museum, (5) Burial Point Cemetery, (6) Night Whale Brewery, (6) Coast Guard Station, (7) Amphitheater, and (8) Last Chance Gift Shop.

The safe houses in both districts function the same way, you can accept the missions, you can chat with other survivors, and you can also buy ammo for your weapons and you can also fast travel to any safehouse from your current safehouse given that the district is the same.

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