Red Kite Games Hiring For New AAA Game, Based on Existing IP

Red Kite Games has a job opening for a lead level designer in order to work on a Triple-A multiplayer PVE title.

Red Kite Games, a studio under Sumo Digital’s umbrella, is currently hiring someone to work on a new Triple-A, multiplayer PvE (player vs environment) game that is based on a currently-existing IP. However, so far we have no clue of what IP Red Kite might be using at the moment.

Red Kite has previously assisted in developing such games as Hogwarts Legacy, Fall Guys, Mafia: Definitive Edition, Control, and Crackdown 3. However, being a “work for hire” studio, they’ve been called upon to assist in the development of multiple games from multiple genres.

The job opening is specifically for a lead-level designer, but the opening also doesn’t tell us much beyond what we already know. But the description at least can help to show what sort of IP that Red Kite might be working on.

If it’s a multiplayer Player-Versus-Environment game, it narrows the field significantly. For instance, Red Kite also worked on Payday 2, so with Payday 3 coming closer, it’s possible that Red Kite is supporting developers Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios in making levels and whatnot for the game.

Sumo Digital is also helping to co-develop the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which recently got a big delay after the backlash its gameplay trailer received for being another live-service looter shooter game. With that also being a multiplayer, player-versus-environment game, it’s possible Red Kite is also being used to work on that.

There aren’t very many Triple-A multiplayer PVE games that are in development right now, so there aren’t many options for what Red Kite Games might be getting into right now. However, we won’t know for sure what game they’ll be working on until Red Kite decides to reveal it themselves. Hopefully, whatever game they were asked to work on ends up being good.

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