Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 6 Beaver Hollow Walkthrough Guide

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide will help you 100% complete the sixth chapter with all choices, optional quests, and Gold Medals.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 6 Beaver Hollow Walkthrough Guide will take you through the entire chapter with tips on the choices that you will face in some of the missions.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 6 Beaver Hollow

By the time you reach Chapter 6 Beaver Hollow in Red Dead Redemption 2, you have cleared a significant amount of missions.

As you already know, during some mission you will come across choices that will unlock additional missions depending on the choice.

RDR 2 Chapter 6 Beaver Hollow is no different. In our guide, we will take you through the entire chapter mission by mission. We will also detail which choices will unlock additional missions.

  1. Here is the full list of missions available in RDR2 Chapter 6.
  2. Icarus and Friends
  3. Visiting Hours
  4. Just a Social Call
  5. A Rage Unleashed
  6. The Delights of Van Horn
  7. Archeology for Beginners
  8. The Bridge to Nowhere
  9. Honor, Amongst Thieves
  10. The Fine Art of Conversation
  11. Goodbye, Dear Friend
  12. Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow
  13. Favored Sons
  14. The King’s Son
  15. My Last Boy
  16. Our Best Selves
  17. Red Dead Redemption

A Fork in the Road

As you make your way to Sadie, this quest will trigger automatically. There is not much to do in this quest as this mostly a cinematic sequence. Complete this in 3 minutes and 5 seconds and you will receive a Gold Medal.

Also, once the “A Fork in the Road” sequence is complete your attribute cores will start to deplete relatively faster.

Icarus And Friends

Meet up with Sadie and then follow her to the outskirts of Saint Denis. The ascend meter will help you get through this mission so pay close attention to it.

If you look closely, you will see a faded yellow segment in the Altitude meter. This segment is the optimal altitude range, as you reach this segment, the gauge will become yellow.

The goal here is to stay within the zone by regularly topping up the gauge. Keep an eye on the altitude meter, as it will transition towards the bottom of the gauge.

This signifies that you are getting close to your destination and need to start lowering your altitude. Once you reach the stationary position, use binoculars to look for John.

You will locate a group of prisoners, so zoom in to see if John is among them. The guards will start firing at you. At this point, ascend and leave the area.

Then you will notice that O’Discolls is pursuing Sadie. Since you have the advantage of the altitude, it is a good position to snipe.

Wait until you get in range and then start snipping them. The reticle will turn red once you are aligned on the target. As you are the only one on the balloon, you are now again in the control of the altitude. Just stay in the optimal altitude range.

You need to gain altitude in order to pass the bridge but then you need to immediately descent so that Sadie can reach the rope and the pull her up.

The mission will end with a shootout with the O’Discolls. They will start coming from one direction, however, as you finish them off more will arrive from behind you. The enemies will be greater in number and will be aggressive.

Visiting Hours

You will find Sadie on a pier located to the Northwest of the Sisika Penitentiary. Arthur will then has to row a boat but this is a small section and you will reach the island shore.

Crouch and follow Sadie to the watchtower then climb up and stealth kill the guard there. Pick up the rifle and use its scope to observe the area. First, take a look to your right in front of a barn. Kill the two guards and run to that position.

Once the cutscene is over, march the prisoner to the prison entrance. A shootout will begin and you need to be behind the wooden crates or barrels as they are strong covers.

As Sadie and John stat running through the field, join them and protect them from the oncoming threat. The point here is escaping with them so only kill the ones that pose a serious threat.

You will reach a pile of wooden crates and cotton bales. Take cover and kill as many as you can to give Sadie and John time to get to the boat. Once they reach shallow water, join them.

A shootout will take place on the boat. There is no cover here so make every bullet count until you reach the shore. Once there mount up and follow Sadie and John.

Just a Social Call

In this Red Dead Redemption 2 mission, you need to meet up with Micah between the two wooden houses in Annesburg. Follow him and Dutch and take cover behind the highlighted crate.

A shootout will start and you need to dispatch your enemies. However, reinforcements will arrive from the opposite position. Keep up with Dutch as he looks for Micah while killing all enemies that you encounter along the way.

As you reach the top of the stairs, a final wave of enemies will come. Kill them all and then go to the highlighted area to free the horses.

It is time to make your escape with the horses and mounted enemies will try to stop you. In addition, don’t worry about Dutch and Micah, as they will be close to you even if you are swift.

Do Not Seek Absolution – I & II

If you Honor rank is at least 4, you will find Edith Downes by the coal mining facility in Annesburg. Make your way to the top of the hill to find her Son.

Arthur will find the foreman bullying the boy. Beat him down the free the boy. Four hours later, meet Archie in a small alley that is perpendicular to Annesburg’s main street, just next to newspaper seller.

After that, you will have to follow the railway to the highlighted area. Use Eagle eye here to see the trail that runs below the bridge. The trail will lead you to a horse hitched to a tree.

Here you will have to persuade Edith to go back to town. Both ‘ask’ and ‘demand’ will yield the same result and you will take her back to Archie to complete the mission.

Of Men and Angels

Of Men and Angels is a very small Red Dead Redemption 2 mission. All you have to do is greet Sister Calderon outside the church in Saint Denis.

She will ask you to donate food for the poor. Complete this mission by offering any four-food items or you can donate $10. However, you can also donate the equivalent combination of money and food to her to complete the mission.

The Course of True Love – IV & V

Read the letter from Penelope inside your tent. Penelope is waiting outside the cabin that aces the gazebo where Arthur first meets her. Get on Arthur and Penelope on the horse and go to Rodes.

At the train, station but tickets for the couple and Beau’s cousins will attack them. However, this is a fistfight so defeat them and get on the train.

Go to the flatbed carriage to the rear side when the train is attacked. Take care of the attackers, go to the engine, and drive the train to Riggs Station.

Money Lending and Other Sins – VI & VII

Talk to Strauss to get the info on the two new debtors. John Weathers is at the Moonstone Pond. He will be repairing his wagon on the side of the road.

As you confront him, a group of soldiers will attack. Take care of them and then you have to make a choice whether to absolve or recover. Absolving will reward you 10 Honor Points.

The recovery options will reward you a silver necklace but at the cost of losing 5 honor points.

The second debtor is Arthur Londonderry. To find him, go to the entrance of the Annesburg mine. Question the guard and then head inside to talk to foreman.

The Debtor’s widow is your next stop. You need to go to a small Cabin at Butcher’s Creek. Arthur will absolve her; however, you can give her money too which will reward you 20 honor points. Return to the camp and confront Strauss.

The Delights of Van Horn

Meet Micah at the waypoint that is west of the Van Horn Trading Post in Red Dead Redemption 2. Now ride with Bill to the ambush location. Once the street is clear, join Bill on the wagon.

As you ride back to the camp, enemies will chase you. You need to quickly take them out, as your main goal is to prevent them from shooting the Wagon. The mission will end as you reach Micah.

The Bridge to Nowhere

Find John at Bacchus Station and you will be moving a handcart with him. Press X/A when its Arthur’s turn and release for John’s turn and repeat it.

Pick up the dynamite crate and walk towards John to hand him the crate by holding L2/LT and R2/RT. Now pick up the second one and do the same.

You will then plant the dynamite on the Bridge’s pillar. You need to pick up the dynamite and then plant it and then come back to pick again and them plant it.

As the cutscene ends, run to the handcart and again follow the same sequence. Reach to safety and use the plunger to blow up the bridge.

A Rage Unleashed

Speak with Reverend Swanson at the camp and then follow Dutch and Eagle Flies. As you are aboard the canoe, head to the boat. Once on the deck, stealth-kill the enemy right in front.

Do the same with whoever walks out from where the horses are stabled. Now only three remain who are playing poker. Use whatever means here to eliminate them and plant dynamite on the nearby anchor.

As the cutscene ends, swim towards the three horses and mount one. Head to the shore and the other two will follow. Reach the highlighted area and a cutscene will play with Dutch.

Here will be a choice, helping Rain Falls or not. If you decide to help then “Archeology for Beginners” will unlock. If you decide to not help him then you will miss this mission and the “Honor, Amongst Thieves” mission too.

Archeology for Beginners

Look for Rain Falls at Wapiti Indian reservation in a tent by the campfire. Follow him on the horse to the sacred site. Monroe will ask if you will help him while on your way.

If you choose yes then you will unlock “Honor, Amongst Thieves” mission. As you reach your destination, use Eagle eye to inspect the clues. Go to the army camp below to retrieve the Chanupa and the sacred items on the ground.

Try to complete this objective without killing, as it will lead to a greater reward. Take the items and leave the area. Return to Rain Falls and if you didn’t kill anyone then he will reward you with an item that permanently reduces Cores depletion by 15%.

Honor, Amongst Thieves

Once the wagon arrives, you need to retrieve the vaccine. Do it in whichever manner you like. Ride behind the wagon and staying out of sight. Get close and jump on the wagon.

Search the crates for the medicine and return to Monroe at the reservation. However, this will only work if you manage to get the medicine before the wagon reaches its destination. If you fail, a shootout will take place.

A Fine Art of Conversation

Talk to Trelawny and after that ride with Charles and Rains Fall until the meeting begins. Once the meeting is done, go back to the horse and mount up.

Go full speed with your companions and enemies will start chasing you. Eliminate then while riding the horse.

Join Monroe once he is on foot and keep killing enemies and this is a lengthy shootout. Once all of them have been dealt with, mount up and escape with Charles. More enemies will chase you; kill them before you reach the station.

Goodbye, Dear Friend

Meet up with Sadie and Dutch in Saint Denis Saloon and follow them to gallows. Dutch will leave and Arthur needs to get to the roof. Arthur will be ambushed on the roof.

Once the enemy is taken care of, the shootout will begin and you just need to kill your foes.

Favored Sons

Meet up with Dutch and Eagle Flies in the Cumberland Forest atop the hill. Pick up the spool and attach the dynamite to the marked positions.

After placing the dynamite, run to the hill and detonate the dynamite when all the soldiers have passed the first one.

A shootout will begin and you being on the hill gives you advantage. Kill them and loot a few bodies, as more soldiers will attack from the opposite hill.

Eventually, you will be overwhelmed and you will run to your horse to escape with Dutch. As you reach the canyon, take cover and dispatch the soldiers. Again follow Dutch and you will be attacked along the way.

Keep killing enemies and be quick to flee when Dutch suggests you to as you won’t be able to defeat the enemy wave here. Run down the narrow path and a cutscene will trigger.

Fake surrender, by pressing X/A, to enemies and slightly walk backward to jump off the cliff. Swim to the left to grab Dutch’s hand.

The King’s Son

Go to Wapiti Indian Reservation and talk to Charles and then talk to Rains Fall in his tent. Once the cutscene is done, ride with Charles to Fort Wallace.

You need to infiltrate but stealth is compulsory. If you get spotted then the mission will fail. The bow is the obvious weapon of choice for this situation. Use your bow to kill one of the guards at the entrance.

Follow Charles inside and kill either of the next two guards. You will enter the fort and kill the first two lone soldiers using your bow.

Work with Charles to eliminate the next couple of soldiers. You will eliminate one more soldier and keep following Charles until he stops behind crates.

Climb the ladder and kill the sentry there, now shoot the lantern to start a fire. Take the next ladder and enter the cells with Charles. Loot the guard inside and free Eagle Flies.

A shootout will start and you need to make your way cover by cover. You will come to a blocked door, use the cannon nearby and blast it open. Soldiers will give chase as you escape.

Kill the soldiers while keeping up your speed. As you reach the canoe, kill the remainder of the soldiers before jumping in.

You will be attacked while you escape. The only paddle while the coast is clear and when the water current becomes weaker, go to the shore.

Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow – I & II

Sadie will be at the camp throwing knives at the tree. She will ask Arthur to help her and if you say yes, only then the mission proceeds. Say no and the mission will be over immediately.

Ride with her to Hanging Dog Ranch or go there on your own. A shootout will be in at the ranch. Kill all the enemies and the sniper in the window.

Sadie will ask Arthur to secure the barn and more enemies will emerge inside. Kill them all and join Sadie in the cabin.

My Last Boy

Meet up with Dutch Micah at the camp and follow the group when everyone is gone. A battle will begin in the oilfields and you need to kill enemies.

As you reach the wooden walkways, spring to the nearby building. Instantly kill the soldier trying to kill Eagle Flies.

An intense shootout section will begin. Enemies will come from every direction.

Kill enemies while staying in cover and you will see one of the allies fighting with a soldier. Kill that soldier quickly. A soldier will start firing the Gatling Gun, take the position, kill that soldier, and finish the remaining soldiers in the area.

There will be more soldiers on the other side of the train. You will also see Paytah struggling with a soldier. Kill the soldier quickly with a headshot.

Go around the factory and you will face the last of the enemy group. Eliminate them, reunite with the gang, and finish the remaining soldiers. Speak to Dutch and follow him inside the factory to search the office upstairs.

On your way back you will be attacked, eliminate them. After the cutscene, an automatic deadeye sequence will begin to kill enemies. Ride back to Wapiti Indian Reservation to complete the mission.

Point Of No Return

As this point of the game, make sure you are satisfied with your progress and character. If you have done everything else in the game or are ready to complete the campaign, then start the next mission.

However, remember, once you start “Out Best Selves” you will have to see it through the end of the game.

Our Best Selves

Speak to Dutch in his tent and head out with the rest of the gang. Retrieve the dynamite with John before joining the other outside Saint Denis. As the train passes the station, chase it and jump on it.

Make your way to the engine car while killing enemies along the way. When the carriage ahead catches fire move next to John and jump on Dutch’s horse and hop back on the carriage ahead.

After the cutscene, an automatic deadeye sequence will take place. In the next sequence, you will get to a man on the Gatling gun and fire upon the mounter pursuers. Ammunition is not a concern here.

One the soldiers are dealt with, move to the armored carriage ahead. Plant dynamite on the door and ignite it or shoot it from a distance. Now, loot the armored carriage and jump off the train before it falls from the bridge that you blew earlier.

Red Dead Redemption

Follow Sadie to each Van Horn. Get to the top of the lighthouse then climb the stairs and then another ladder. You need to cover Sadie with your Sniper Rifle.

From Sadie’s starting location kill one of the two men to start a shootout and you need to cover Sadie as she moves ahead. You have plenty of ammunition, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Eliminate all enemies in the main street from your starting cover position and run to the pier. Automatic Deadeye sequence will initiate. Then during your mounted escape, more enemies will give chase.

A full deadeye meter will be enough here to take them all out. After a brief stay at Butcher’s Creek, Arthur will resume his journey to find Dutch.

Following the cutscene at Beaver Hollow, the Pinkertons will come for the gang. Fend off the enemies as best as possible. When John says to retreat, follow him inside the cave through the tunnels, ladders, platforms, and ledges leading to an exit.

A mounted escape will now initiate and you need to ride at full speed. Once you are on foot again, kill the Pinkertons on top of the hill. Now there are two important choices here:

  • Go back into the cave for money.
  • Help John to get to safety

If you go back for the money then go to Beaver Hollow. You will face hordes of enemies while you make your way to the money. Only kill the ones in the direct line of sight.

Get inside the cave, find the chest in the highlighted area, and then go back outside. If you choose to help John, then follow him up the cliffs and don’t worry about the shots being fired. On top of the hill, kill the Pinkertons until Micah arrives.

Micah will start a melee fight with you and he is vicious. Avoid attacking first, let Micah do that. When he attacks, clock him and counter him with a punch.

Keep doing it until a cutscene is triggered and the cinematic showdown will be in accordance with the choice you made earlier in the mission.

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