Red Dead Redemption 2 Side Missions Keep Disappearing

So your Red Dead Redemption 2 side missions keep disaprearing, right? There could be a hanful of reason why this is the case.

Side missions are a major part of an open world video game. Since they give the players something to do between the main story and even after completing it, depending on their pacing. However, recent leaks in gameplay that have started surfacing reveal what users are often mistaking for a bug, a bug where side mission icons disappear.

Why do the mission icons keep disappearing on the open world map of Red Dead Redemption 2? It’s not a bug for those that have reached that assumption. In fact, it’s an intentional aspect of the game world’s lively design that the developers have brought to the table.

Here are a few factors that can be used to explain or even double check why a side mission isn’t appearing on your map despite doing so a minute ago:

The time of day: The time of day is a determining factor on the appearance of a side mission.

Since sometimes the mission requires a specific time slot to be completed in, if a mission vanishes, try passing the time until the next phase of day/night cycle. This can be done either by exploring the wilderness, or time skipping, which is done either by setting up camp or by seeking lodgings.

Having a wanted level: It wouldn’t be an open world Rockstar game without the dreaded stars in the corner of your screen when you do something you’d get your ass beat for in the real world.

In this case, side missions and at times even story missions cannot be accessed when Arthur has a wanted level. The player must evade the law first before refocusing on the task at hand

The territory of the mission vicinity: Since you’re part of an outlaw gang, obviously, you’ll have rival gangs and these gangs would definitely not appreciate you just barging into their territory in your fancy cowboy boots.

This can cause side missions to hide unless you strike an agreement with these rival gangs. That, or maybe a certain alternate way to liberate the locale.

Either way, these should explain side missions disappearing in Red Dead Redemption 2 and get you outlaws back on the saddle and on with your side missions, which serve as a delicious helping of mashed potatoes to go with your juicy steak of an experience that is the main, open world game of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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