Red Dead Redemption 2 High Stakes Treasure Maps Locations Guide

You get treasure maps by completing certain tasks and quests and it is optional for you to find these treasures. In this guide, we will be discussing how to find High Stakes Treasure Maps in Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are a total of three maps for the High Stakes Treasures in RDR2 and your journey to these maps begins when you find one of the Strangers. You will go through several locations receiving numerous awards along the way and in this duration, you will also progress in your main challenge as well. Here’s how we will get started with finding the maps.

Red Dead Redemption 2 High Stakes Treasure Maps

It is a prerequisite to complete Chapter 3 before you start with this because the Stranger from which you get this mission will not appear before that. You will have to keep an eye out for these Strangers as they are not like other NPCs, their identification is that they will be wandering and muttering with themselves. However, they will not appear on the Minimap.

The path between Wallace Station and Cumber Falls is the place where you are most expected to find this stranger. There’s also a chance of finding him all through the Heartlands.

Location of High Stakes Treasure Map 1

high stakes treasure map

After you’ve met with the Stranger and gotten the map from him you need to go to Cumberland Falls to find this Treasure Map.

There is a small path on the eastern side of the Waterfall using which you would be able to go behind the waterfall. The map is above the ledge there, in the top right of the nook.

Location of High Stakes Treasure Map 2

For this one you will have to go to Barrow Lagoon which is in the northwest of Valentine in the Western Grizzlies but before you go be sure to gear up into your winter warmers. There will be Log Bridge there that you have to cross and just across it is this treasure map.

Location of High Stakes Treasure 3 Map

This one is a little hard to track because of the winding path showed by the previous map. For this one you will have to go to Bacchus Station and after that go west of the “S” in the word station towards the big hill. When you get up there, there will be a path the heads towards a ledge; you need to follow this path.

Keep in mind that you have to sprint or else you will slide off. When you get around the corner of the rocks while sprinting, jump and a ledge will be visible below. Make the jump for this ledge and once you get there you will another ledge, jump to it and go around the corner by crouching. The map is present there and there will also be three Gold Bars in the nook nearby which are worth $500 each

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