Red Dead Redemption 2 Hats Locations ‘Finding Stolen and Found Hats’ Guide

Hats in Red Dead Redemption 2, which are used generally as clothing items, can also be obtained illegally. You have to loot them from other people or visit some specific locations to get them. Well, don’t you worry, in this Red Dead Redemption 2 guide we have explored the complete list of locations as well as have discovered the secret behind keeping the hats permanently.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hats Locations

So without further delay, let’s talk about the locations of the Hats in RDR2. Cool and Amazing Hats can be found scattered all over the map. Well not technically simply scattered, sometimes you will even have to work for it!

Now let’s see the locations of some of the most unique hats as under:

RDR2 Unique Hats Locations

The Tricorn Hat
On the largest island of the Flat Iron Lake, you will find this prestigious hat inside the shipwreck. You should get into a boat in order to get there, and the boat can be found in the shores or you can also purchase a boat for your camp.

Miner’s Hat
One of the most liked Hats is Miner’s hat, as it is equipped with an illumination bulb over it. Deep inside Bery’ls Dream mine, you will find it on a dead body. Make sure you take a lantern with yourself in order to illuminate the cave.

Morion Helmet
In order to explore this unique and one of its kind 16th Century Helmet, you need to cover a long journey towards the frozen NPC. You will find it at the very top of Mount Hagen. The place is famous for icy winds, so you must stay warm for survival.

The Nevada Hat
This unique hat, my personal favorite, is a bit hard to find. You need to go behind the waterfall which is next to window rock.

Scarecrow Sombrero
This hat which looks more like the witch’s hat or a realistic scarecrow hat, is really easy to find. It lies on the head of a scarecrow in the tall field on the western edge of the Caliga Hall

Permanently Keeping the Stolen/Found Hats

Now let’s talk about how to keep the stolen hats. Most of the times when you steal or explore a hat, you cannot find it in your wardrobe or on your horse again. Even if you keep the hat on your head for days, even if you walk with it on to the camp, nothing can save you from losing the hat.

The reason is quite simple. There are two kinds of hats in the game.

  • Unique Hats
  • Normal Hats

Unique Hats
When you find a hat by knocking off a person or explore it somewhere in the map, if the Hat is glowing on the ground, and picking it up is showing the Hat’s name in the bottom right corner of your screen, it means the Hat is unique and picking it up will automatically add it into your inventory.

You can access the collected unique hats anytime from your wardrobe.

Normal Hats:Normal, or let’s call them ordinary hats. Ordinary hats can also be quite attractive and beautiful, and so you can obviously kill as many NPC’s as you want to get them, but the BAD NEWS is that you cannot save the ordinary hats in your wardrobe permanently.

No Need To Worry! If you like an ordinary hat and want it again and again, just keep looking for it every time you wander around and when you see someone wearing them, knock the person down and enjoy.

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