Red Dead Redemption 2 Companions Guide – Item Locations, Rewards, Activities

Red Dead Redemption 2 Companions guide will help you with companion requests and where you can find the key items different camp characters ask of you, in the game in the form of mini camp missions.

Companion requests range from items to taking part in activites. These requets will be made by the companions while you walk around the camp during a specific time.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Companions

Red Dea Redemption 2 puts quite an emphasis on companions. Not only that, as you walk around the main camp, you will see different types of interactions.

Companions in Red Dead Redemption 2 will also ask you to grab an item for them or to take part in a specific activity. Also, these requests from the companions will be chapter specific. In the following table, we explain when these requests get available, which companion asks which item, and corresponding item locations and how you can find them.

Availability Companions Requests Item Locations Reward
Chapter 2(8 am- 8 pm) Abigail $5 Arthur’s Savings Honor
Chapter 2,3,4 (8 am- 8 pm) Bill Hair Pomade Sold At General Stores, Common Item Repeater Cartridges
Chapter 2,3,4 (8 am- 8 pm) Charles Moonshine Sold At Fence Shops Fire Arrows
Chapter 2,3,4 (8 am- 8 pm) Charles Oleander Common Item Poison Arrows
Epilogue 2 (8 am- 8 pm) Charles Eagle Feather Hunting Horse Reviver
Chapter 2,3,4 (8 am- 8 pm) Dutch Pipe Vetter’s Echo Shack (On the Desk) Spurs
Chapter 2,3,4 (8 am- 8 pm), If Hosea sees you reading. Hosea Book(Shrew In The Frog) Found on a Coffee Table in a house in Bayou. Located NW of Saint Denis Predator bait
Chapter 3 (8 am- 8 pm) Hosea 2x American Ginseng Common Item Potent Medicine
Chapter 2 (8 am- 8 pm) Jack Abigail’s Thimble Can be looted from characters once the request is active. Drawing From Jack
Chapter 2 (8 am- 8 pm), After completing “A Fisher Of Men” Jack Penny Dreadful Comic Book Five Possible Locations: 1. Osman Grove – On a Nightstand inside the shack. 2. Clawson’s Rest – On a nightstand inside the shack. 3. Pleasance – on the table in the abandoned schoolhouse. 4. Downes Ranch – on a nightstand in the house. 5. Lake Don Julio – on a nightstand inside the shack. Chocolate bar.
Chapter 2 (8 am -8 pm) Javier Oleander Common Item Poisoned Throwing Knives
Chapter 3 (12 pm -6 pm) Kieran 2x Burdock Root Common Item Horse Medicine
Chapter 2,3,4 (8 pm- 3am) Lenny Pocket Watch Vetter’s Echo, on the desk inside the shack. Dynamite
Chapter 2 (8 am -8 pm) Mary-Beth Fountain Pen Osman Grove, inside the drawer in the cabin Ring
Chapter 3 (8 am -8 pm) Molly Pocket Mirror Martha’s Swain, on the nightstand in the cabin Cigar
Chapter 2,3,4 (8 am- 12 pm) Pearson Rabbit Hunting Notorious Stew
Chapter 2 8 am- 2 pm), While playing Poker Pearson Naval Compass Braithwaite Manor, inside the bathhouse. Rum
Chapter 3,4 Pearson, After completing “Further Question Of Female Suffrage” Sadie Harmonica Grangers Hoggery, on a cupboard inside the shack. Gun Oil
Chapter 2,3 (12 PM – 6 PM) Sean Kentucky Bourbon Common Item, Can be purchased from general store. Fire Bottle
Chapter 2,3,4 (8 am- 8 pm) Susan 2x Oregano Common Item Potent Miracle Tonic
Chapter 2 (8 am- 8 pm), While playing Dominoes Tilly Necklace Can be found in lock boxes. Medicine x2
Epilogue 2 (8 am- 8 pm) Uncle Medicinal Cream Has to be crafted, requires Milkweed, Kentucky Bourbon, Peppermint, Pomade, Stringy Meat. Clothes

That concludes our Red Dead Redemption 2 Companions guide with tips on how to unlock characters, their requests along with companion item locations to complete their requests.

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