Red Dead Online Weapons Guide – Unlock Requirements, Prices

Our Red Dead Online Weapons Guide will detail all you need to know about finding and maintaining the best guns in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

RDR2 Online has many weapons to be unlocked. This Red Dead Online Weapons Guide will cover how to find and unlock all the weapons inside the brand new Online Mode for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Online Weapons

There are quite a few fascinating weapons in Red Dead Online, with the notable Carbine Repeater. It is a fast rifle with a good amount of DPS and packs quite a punch.

Of course, not all weapons can be used in all situations. Like in the classic single-player mode, using different weapons in different situations will always be more effective than randomly finding a weapon to hunt your enemies with.

We will also be covering some tips that you might need for these type of situations.

So buckle up, get on your horse-chan and get ready to become the strongest gunman in the Wild Wild West.

To purchase weapons in Red Dead Online, just press the left D-pad button to open a catalog. Choose a weapon from here, get enough money and XP, and buy it.



Pistols are small weapons. These include generic pistols and revolvers. You can unlock quite a few pistols in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

Cattleman Revolver
The Cattleman Revolver is available right from the start. You can buy it for $50. Pretty good offer, if you ask me!

Schofield Revolver
The Schofield Revolver unlocks at Rank 9 and can be purchased afterward for $296.

Double-Action Revolver
This legendary Revolver unlocks at Rank 17 and can be purchased afterward from any shop for a meager $195.

Volcanic Pistol
This destructive pistol is a special weapon and is available after Rank 21. Of course, you will need to spend a staggering 450 bucks to get this weapon.

Semi-Automatic Pistol
The rapid-fire pistol can be unlocked at Rank 22, just 1 rank after Volcanic Pistol. It goes for around 895$. It is a good deal, to be honest.

Mauser Pistol
The Mauser Pistol is the most expensive pistol in the game and can only be bought after Rank 34. It costs a hefty one big grand. That is right, $1,000 for a Pistol.


The most common weapon in the online game mode is surprisingly not the pistols. It is the rifles. At least in our experience. Red Dead Online has quite a few Rifles including Repeaters.

Carbine Repeater
The Carbine Repeater is available right from the start and can be bought for a meager 90 bucks. The best weapon for a newbie.

Bolt Action Rifle
The Bolt Action Rifle is a one-hit kill weapon, packs quite a punch but has low ammo clip. It can be bought right from the start too but costs $360. Otherwise, you can spend 15 Gold to buy it.

Varmint Rifle
The Varmint Rifle is a very basic Rifle that can be unlocked an early Rank 8 and can be bought for just $72. I mean, the game itself is not that cheap in some parts of the world.

Lancaster Repeater
The Lancaster Repeater unlocks at a very early stage, Rank 12. It is a good Repeater weapon and can be bought for $405.

Litchfield Repeater
The Litchfield Repeater is a mid-range weapon, featuring good overall stats. It can be unlocked at Rank 18 but has a big $580 price tag.

Springfield Rifle
The Springfield Rifle is one of the best rifles in the game and can be bought pretty cheaply. It unlocks at Rank 38 and can be bought for a $240 price afterward.

Rolling Block Rifle
Rolling Block Rifle is a relatively expensive rifle that unlocks at Rank 13. It is kind of a special weapon and costs $685 just to get on your back.

Carcano Rifle
The best rifle in the game is none other than the Carcano Rifle. It unlocks at Rank 50 and costs $760 to buy afterward.


There is only one Bow in the game, yet. Expect more bows to be added later onwards. The bows are quiet weapons that can be used to eliminate enemies and animals without noise. They are the perfect ops weapons.

The only bow in the game can be unlocked at Rank 10 and will cost you $124. Wait, why is a simple bow SO expensive? Huh. I will never know!


Shotguns have been the ultimate close-combat weapons in any shooter game. Red Dead Online has quite a few shotguns too.

Pump-Action Shotgun
My most beloved shotgun: the Pump-Action Shotgun can be purchased right from the start but for a repeating $444 price tag.

Repeating Shotgun
The Repeating Shotgun is a faster shotgun than the Pump-Action Shotgun but can only be purchased for a $724 price tag after you reach Rank 11.

Sawed-Off Shotgun
Sawed-Off Shotgun is kind of like a pistol shotgun. Available from Rank 19, you can purchase it for 170 bucks.

Double-Barreled Shotgun
Some people really prefer this shotgun, mainly because you can shoot two bullets without reloading. The Double-Barreled Shotgun is available from Rank 30 and costs only $285.

Semi-Auto Shotgun
The Rifle-Shotgun AKA Semi-Auto Shotgun is the highest-spec Shotgun in the Wild Wild West and unlocks at Rank 42. It also costs harbors a BIG $900 price tag, so beware!

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