Red Dead Online Call to Arms Guide

In this guide, we will tell you how to play Red Dead Online Call to Arms mode. This is a...

In this guide, we will tell you how to play Red Dead Online Call to Arms mode. This is a Survival-style mode that is newly added to the game and is the center of attraction for the players. In this article, we will guide you comprehensively regarding Call to Arms in RDO.

Red Dead Online Call to Arms

In Call to Arms in RDO, the players are to take part in fights that include up to four players. There are ten waves, and you are required to defend the locations like Blackwater and Strawberry.

To play Call to Arms, you are required to reach your camp first. You can select the Camp option from the menu directly to reach your camp. Another way is to go to the Post Office nearby. The deliveries will definitely include a telegram with the title Call to Arms. The text on the telegram says, ‘A batch of telegrams offering work as a hired gun’.

Now, press right on the d-pad to open your Satchel and head to the Documents option via L1 and R1 buttons. Select Call to Arms under the tab Telegrams.

Here, a number of telegrams will be visible to you for Call to Arms missions in Blackwater, MacFarlane’s Ranch, Strawberry, Valentine, and Fort Mercer. You can choose any of the above, and the game mode will begin.

Since it’s a coop mission, you can face a lot of enemies with different levels of difficulty. In a span of five minutes, you will have to take care of different tasks like reorganizing the teammates on the map.

Reorganizing can benefit you a lot, as your teammates in the optimal positions can be helpful during Call to Arms. To reorganize your teammates, press L2. Next, make them take up tactically sound positions around the map while they are following you.

You can also play the mode again if you get out of the mission before the 10th wave. No matter whether you quit and go back to the Free Roam or you complete the mission, there is a chance for you to play the mission again in any case.


As a reward, you can earn money and gold when you take part in the mission. You will get the reward depending on how much effort you put into the mission.

The more you will succeed and progress through the mission, the more reward you will earn.  Gold, $RDO, and XP are what you get as a reward. The mode can be played both as a solo player or in multiplayer.

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