Here’s The Real Reason Why Bioware Never Released Mass Effect Andromeda DLC

The real reason why BioWare never got to release Mass Effect Andromeda DLC has been revealed, mainly that BioWare didn't have the resources.

A recent interview with BioWare executive Mike Gamble has finally given us an explanation as to why there was never any Mass Effect Andromeda DLC, which prevented the game from delving into several story threads that were previously left hanging such as the whereabouts of the Quarian ark and others.

Mass Effect Andromeda released in early 2017 to mediocre and mostly negative reviews, with many people criticizing the dodgy animations and visuals that left the game feeling half-finished and nearly memetic in many senses, ranging from expressions that didn’t match dialogue to the fact that a gun model shoots backward instead of out of its muzzle.

While the game’s story had promise, as the races of the Milky Way galaxy attempt to create a new life in the Andromeda galaxy, the game still got mediocre reviews and it’s unknown if we’ll be getting anything that will continue the story after BioWare announced an end to the game’s support.

According to Mike Gamble, the reason that there was never any Mass Effect Andromeda DLC put out is because after the development team made another pass through the game to fix a large number of its dodgy visuals, the team just wasn’t set up to follow through on its DLC plans. That, along with the fact that the rest of BioWare was developing Anthem, left the team with a hard choice.

That choice, focusing on Anthem rather than continuing to support Andromeda due to a lack of resources, means that there’s a big chance that we’ll never find out what happened to the quarian Ark ship that was supposed to be coming with the others, but never made it and instead sent out a distress signal warning people to stay away.

While the greater emphasis on Anthem in the future means that it will likely turn out much better than Mass Effect, the fact that we’ll never be getting any Mass Effect Andromeda DLC is kind of a shame, especially if we never return to the Andromeda galaxy and the many mysteries that it might hold.

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