RDR2 Companion Requests Guide

This RDR2 Companions guide will help you with companion requests with corresponding item locations and character availability.

Companions in RDR2 will request you to grab an item for them or to take part in a specific activity from time to time. These requests from the companions will be chapter-specific. In the following guide, we explain when these requests get available, which companion asks which item, and corresponding item locations and how you can find them.

Companion requests range from items to participation in activities. The RDR2 companions will make these requests while you walk around the camp during a specific time.

Abigail Roberts (Chapter 2)

  • Request: 5 Dollars
  • Availability: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Arthur’s Savings

While playing through Chapter 2 if you spot Abigail speaking with Jack then walk up to her immediately and interact with her. The discussion will be about the clothes, and you can give 5 dollars to fulfill the request.

  • Reward: Honor

Jack (Chapter 2)

  • Request: Penny Dreadful Comic Book
  • Availability: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Items Locations: 1. Osman Grove- On a Nightstand inside Shack, 2. Clawson’s Rest- On a Nightstand inside Shack, 3. Pleasance- on the table in the abandoned schoolhouse, 4. Downes Ranch- on a nightstand in the house, and 5. Lake Don Julio- on a nightstand inside the Shack.

You will get to make this request while doing the mission: “A Fisher of Men”. You will go fishing with Jack and he will tell you about the comic book he left at the camp.

  • Reward: Chocolate Bar

Jack Thimble (Chapter 2)

  • Request: Abigail’s Thimble
  • Availability: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Can be looted from characters once the request is active

During chapter 2, you will have to fulfill another request by Jack. He will come up to you with a concern about his mother’s lost thimble, and you will have to look for it to save him from getting in trouble. However, by looting the bodies, you can attain the new thimble and give it to Jack.

  • Reward: Drawing from Jack

Mary-Beth (Chapter 2)

  • Request: Fountain pen
  • Availability: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Osman Grove, inside the drawer in the cabin.

To activate this request make your way to the Mary-Beth near the Girl’s tent and you will find her writing something in her Journal. Interact with her and she will let you know about her request regarding the fountain pen. Go to the mentioned location and you will find the pen there.

  • Reward: Wedding Ring

Javier (Chapter 2)

  • Request: Oleander
  • Availability: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Common item

Go to Javier the Horseshoe Overlook camp and you can find him sitting at the games table and he will be busy in poisoning his knives’ blades. By having a conversation with him Javier will request you for the Oleander Sage plant. Fortunately, this plant is a common item and can be found easily in a number of places. Such as one of the suggested places is the Riverbanks of Bayou Nwa. Get the plant and go back to him to complete the request.

  • Reward: Poisoned Throwing Knives

Pearson (Chapter 2)

  • Request: Naval Compass
  • Availability: 8 am – 2 pm
  • Items Locations: Braithwaite Manor, inside the bathhouse.

To learn about the request, Authur has to play Poker, and then Pearson will mention the lost Compass, and then you will have to look for it. Upon going to the item’s location, you will find the new one, which will eventually make Pearson happy, and he will give you the reward.

  • Reward: Rum

Sean (Chapter 2 or 3)

  • Request: Kentucky Bourbon
  • Availability: 12 pm- 6 pm
  • Items Locations: Common items can be purchased from the general store.

Head to Sean at the available time and he will be making the firebombs by using the bottles. Interact with him and he will ask you to bring the Kentucky Bourbon Bottle. This is an easy item request and you can go to the general store to get the requested item.

  • Rewards: Fire Bottle

Pearson (Chapter 2,3, or 4)

  • Request: Rabbit
  • Availability: 8 am- 12 pm
  • Items Locations: Hunting

Here is another Pearson request and to activate it make sure to go at the time of availability and he will be there behind the table, drinking a beer. Initiate the conversation and you will be requested to bring an unalive rabbit for the cooking purpose. This one is also simple as it only involves hunting and you can conveniently hunt the animals at any place.

  • Rewards: Notorious Stew and Scout Jacket.

Bill (Chapter 2,3, or 4)

  • Request: Hair Pomade
  • Availability: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Sold at general stores.

Bill will be sitting beside the tent and by speaking to him he will ask you to get the Hair Pomade. This item is also commonly available and to get it you will have to visit the general store.

  • Rewards: Repeater Cartridges- High Velocity

Charles (Chapter 2,3, or 4)

  • Request: Moonshine
  • Availability: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Sold at Fence Shop

You can find Charles at the campfire and will be crafting his arrows. Speak with him and he will request you for the Moonshine. This item can also be purchased so you won’t have to wander around on the map in search of it. Simply go to the Fence shop, pay the required amount, and get the item.

  • Reward: Fire Arrows

Charles (Chapter 2,3, or 4)

  • Request: Oleander
  • Availability: 8 am- 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Common Item

Again go to the campfire to interact with Charles and this time he will request you for the Oleander. By completing this request, you can get another set of arrows.

  • Reward: Poison Arrows

Hosea (Chapter 2,3, or 4)

  • Request: Book (Shrew in the Frog)
  • Availability: 8 am- 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Found on a coffee table in a house in Bayou. Located NW of Saint-Denis.

To begin this request you will have to interact with the book named “The Tale of the Deceitful German” which will be inside the camp near Hosea. And then you will be asked to bring another book. Head to the marked location to get the item.

  • Reward: Predator Bait

Dutch (Chapter 2,3, or 4)

  • Request: Pipe
  • Availability: 8 am- 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Vetter’s Echo Shack (On the Desk)

Go to the Dutch’s tent and he will be smoking a cigar there. Speak with him to initiate the request.

  • Reward: Spurs

Susan (Chapter 2,3, or 4)

  • Request: Oregano 2x
  • Availability: 8 am- 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Common Item

Susan will approach you and will request you to get her the Oregano herbs. You can bring two of any of these: Thyme, Oregano, or Wild mint.

  • Rewards: Potent Miracle Tonic

Lenny (Chapter 2,3, or 4)

  • Request: Pocket Watch
  • Availability: 8 pm- 3 am
  • Items Locations: Vetter’s Echo, on the desk inside the shack, or homesteads or dead bodies.

Speak with Lenny and he will discuss his past and will tell about the lost pocket watch of his father. He will request you to bring the pocket watch.

  • Reward: Dynamite

Tilly (Chapter 3)

  • Request: Necklace
  • Availability: 8 am- 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Can be found in lock boxes.

To begin this RDR2 companions activity with Tilly you will have to go to the camp and play Dominoes with her. Then she will let you about the necklace which she lost and will request you to find one. Look in the lock boxes to find the new necklace.

  • Reward: Health Cure 2x

Hosea (Chapter 3)

  • Request: American Ginseng
  • Availability: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Common item

In chapter 3, meet Hosea, and he will be making medicine in the camp. Upon talking to him about his activity he will make a companions request that he needs American Ginseng in RDR2. Accept the request and move out to bring the plant. Being a common item it is easily available, however, you can go to the south of Cumberland Forest to look for this plant.

  • Reward: Potent Health Cure

Molly (Chapter 3)

  • Request: Pocket Mirror
  • Availability: 8 am- 8 pm
  • Items Locations: Martha’s Swain, on the nightstand in the cabin.

Molly will approach you with a companions request about the pocket mirror RDR2. Head to the given location to find it.

  • Rewards: Cigar

Kieran (Chapter 3)

  • Request: Burdock Root 2x
  • Availability: 12 pm- 6 pm
  • Items Locations: Common Item

Meet with Kieran between 12 pm and 6 pm. He will be grooming his horse, and if you talk to him, he will tell you that he needs Burdock Root as a companions request in RDR2. Burdock root is another common plant that can be found anywhere.

  • Reward: Horse Medicine

Sadie (Chapter 3 or 4)

  • Request: Harmonica
  • Availability: After completing “Further Question of Female Suffrage”
  • Items Locations: Grangers Hoggery, on a cupboard inside the shack.

Sadie will mention Harmonica during this mission and that, unfortunately, she lost it. You can get her the new harmonica and earn the reward.

  • Reward: Gun Oil

Charles (Epilogue art 2)

  • Request: Eagle Feather
  • Availability: 2 am- 8 pm
  • Items Location: Hunting

This companions request in RDR2 also involves hunting as per Charles’s demand, as he will ask you to bring the Eagle Feather. Interact with him after the “Uncle’s Bad Day,” and then you can initiate the request. You can look for the eagles at marked locations to hunt them down. Here, you can search for them sitting on the fence around the track.

  • Reward: Horse Reviver

Uncle (Post Game)

  • Request: Medicinal cream Ingredients
  • Availability: Epilogue 2 ( after “ American Venom”)
  • Items Location: Different locations mentioned below.

After the final mission, you will get to interact with your uncle. By doing so, he will provide you with a list of ingredients that you will have to get from different places as a companions request in RDR2. These ingredients are Milkweed, Kentucky Bourbon, Peppermint, Hair Pomade, and Skunk.

The Kentucky Bourbon and Hair Pomade are available at general stores, Peppermint you can visit stables, for Milkweed you will have to go to river banks – Lemoyne; and for the Skunk these can be found on the tall trees, so look for such trees nearby your location so you don’t have to travel miles for last ingredient. You can also find them running around in the grassy field.

  • Reward: Tornado Boots, Classic Frock Coat, Drifter Hat, and Frontier Vest.

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