Rammus Rework Arrives After League of Legends Mid-Season Update

We already know that the upcoming League of Legends mid-season update will focus on just three vanguards, overhauling them to feature distinct identities. That leaves several other champions who fall into the same category, and will be looked at afterwards.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon confirmed that Riot Games is currently working on a major Rammus rework. However, it will only arrive after the League of Legends mid-season update is released. Without giving away any tentative release window, we can only speculate on how soon we will get to see the Rammus rework hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

According to the developer, Rammus will receive some tweaks that give “a bit more satisfaction/skill expression” to the Armordillo’s kit of abilities. This should help in better counter-play opportunities and also iron out inconsistent collisions on his Power ball (Q).

That being said, it is possible that the Rammus rework will not be as large as the ones featured in the upcoming Tank Class Update. Had it been so, Riot Games would have clearly mentioned it. Nonetheless, any changes at this point would be a blessing for the champion.

Much like the champions being targeted in the League of Legends mid-season update, Rammus is also in dire need of more mastery and options during battles. The champion features a pretty simplistic approach, rolling down the lanes to bump into enemy champions and taunting them away from safety. Whatever “modernization” Riot Games plans to introduce for Rammus, should give the champion more to do one way or another.

Besides champions, the League of Legends mid-season update is also introducing two new defensive items. Both are primarily designed for champions who want to remain in the middle of fights as long as possible. In addition to their defensive values, the two items also feature unique passives and actives that can further ensure that the team’s front-line tank does not get disintegrated in an instant.

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