Rainbow Six Siege Upgraded Servers Are Now Live for Small-Scale Testing

Among many long-standing issues that have often been raised, the matter of new and improved servers is finally being addressed for Rainbow Six Siege.

Posting on the official website, the developer announced that it has been redesigning its systems for the past couple of months to support “a different scheme of CPU partitioning” in the game. The upgraded servers are now ready to be deployed but not for the entire global player-base.

The Technical Test Servers (TTS) are now live with the new changes in order to stress-test the improved infrastructure and gather feedback for further adjustments. The small-scale testing is to ensure that the new servers do not crack under heavy loads, which the developer believes will not be the case.

“We need to be absolutely certain that the new servers being introduced have gone through sufficient testing,” stated the developer. ” With the next TTS, we will be collecting enough data and will be able to evaluate the performance and make the necessary changes to go ahead with a larger deployment.”

There is no official release date for the new servers. If anything, the third season of Rainbow Six Siege should take place on it.

Elsewhere, Operation Health continues for the betterment of Rainbow Six Siege. Most recently, the initiative advanced to “clean up” the game in various manners. This includes tackling inconsistent lighting in most maps and resource-hungry textures currently being used for the operators.

Rainbow Six Siege has not seen any new content since February. The Hong Kong DLC was delayed by the developer in favor of Operation Health to address pressing issues in the game.

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