Rainbow Six Siege Support Will Continue As Long As Players Are Enjoying It

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege saw overwhelming success, something that even Ubisoft wasn’t expecting at the time. However, longevity was always on their mind and now even more as devs look to continue Rainbow Six Siege support for as long as possible.

Speaking with SegmentNext, Ubisoft revealed that the development team plans to support the game for as long as the players are enjoying it. The tremendous success wasn’t expected but they appreciate how the community has embraced Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege released in 2015 and is going to strong for two years. The tactical shooter puts heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and cooperation between players. 5v5 battles turn out to be pretty intense.

Longevity was always very important to us. Since we started building the game, we kept thinking about how it would evolve over time with our support and the community. We’re committed to supporting and sustaining the game for as long as the community keeps enjoying it. In the future, Players can definitely expect new Operators, pushing the meta even further, new maps and even rework of some existing maps.

In terms of support, it is key for us to always focus on solidifying the game’s foundations and overall health. This is why we recently introduced a new matchmaking system, more powerful servers and a new deployment philosophy pushing all new content through the technical test servers (TTS) first. We also recently released Alpha Packs which rewards all of our players who continue to invest their time in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege support brought us new features, maps, fixes, and much more. Expect continued support in the future. Ubisoft games are doing well overall minus the failure of Watch Dogs 2. Console sales are up and PlayStation 4 is the leading platform in terms of sales.

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