Rage 2 Weapons Locations Guide – How to Repair, Weapon Mods

It’s all about the carnage in Rage 2, so knowing your way well around weapons is the only way to move forward. Thankfully, you’ll encounter various weapons throughout your travels. These will first need to be unlocked via specific Arks and then subsequently upgraded for the best results. Find all about how weapons work in Rage 2.

Rage 2 Weapons

You begin Rage 2 with a mere pistol, a generic and traditional firearm that you’ll get used to pretty quickly. This standard Sidewinder Revolver deals decent damage with minimal recoil.

However, not long after the tutorial is finished, you’re granted the Ranger Assault Rifle that has decent range and damage but you can’t push through the entire game with it.

To kick it up a notch from your two default weapons, you’re advised to explore environments to get better weapons and gear, so to truly become a force to be reckoned with.

In our Weapons Locations Guide, you’ll find all the locations of the eight weapons you can unlock along with a description of their qualities and effects.

BFG 9000

This iconic weapon from the DOOM series is *only obtainable as a part* of the Deluxe Edition purchase or the Collector’s Edition.

You’ve got to make sure your copy of Rage 2 is linked to the Bethesda account that you can check from the ‘Store’ option in-game.

Once you’ve carried that out, complete through the prologue missions and venture out from Vineland to see a meteor crash not soon after.

Head to this crash site in the Wasteland and collect your BFG 9000 that can be used to one-shot kill most of the enemies in Rage 2.

Combat Shotgun

The slow firing shotgun that packs a hell of a punch, especially up close. With its alternate firing mode, you send out a horizontal line of multiple pellets instead of a vertical one.

Finding it won’t be hard as it’s part of a story mission titled “Blackout” that occurs at Ark 402a right below Gun Barrel Ark in Broken Tract.

Charged Pulse Cannon

The EMP powered gun sends out a devastating bolt of energy at a high rate of fire.

The closer it is to being overheated, the more damage the rounds will inflict. However, breaching the limit will cause it to get jammed temporarily at which point, use the alternate fire mode to cool it down.

To find the Charged Pulse Cannon, first blow up through the cores in the Shrouded Sub Station Alpha and Shrouded Sub Station Bravo situated to the northwest and southwest of Shrouded Vault Ark (411c) respectively.

Doing so will allow you to gain access into this Ark east of Dune Sea and collect the desired weapon inside.

Firestorm Revolver

Secretly a Grenade Launcher in disguise, the bullets will explode on impact engulfing multiple enemies in the fire as you continue to shoot out these combustible bullets.

You’ll need to head to Dank Catacomb Ark in north Sekreto Wetlands. The Ark is situated between Lagooney and Kvasir’s Laboratory to be exact. Head there to collect this powerful revolver.

Grav-Dart Launcher

This very interesting weapon will let you bend the rules of gravity for your interests.

The regular fire mode will allow you to mark your enemy target while the alternate firing mode helps you choose the surface or obstacle to be used as the center of gravity.

Essentially, once you’ve marked both targets, the enemy will get pulled towards the obstacle and if the pull is strong enough, he will collide into it. The more bullets you use to paint the target, the stronger the force of attraction will be.

The Grav-Dart Launcher can be collected from Ark 421c AKA Needle Falls Ark in the western region of The Wilds.

To move to its location, you’ll either need to use *the Icarus ability* or take the side roads and drive around until you reach the top of the waterfalls where the weapon is located.


A powerful rail gun that sends out a devastating beam obliterating targets in its path. Charge it up for even more destructive effects as the beam will now pierce through enemies to eliminate multiple targets.

For this weapon, you’ll need to head to the second Ark in The Wilds – this time in the northern part of the area. The Greenhaven Ark is a rather tough one, rated at Level 10 when it comes to the difficulty of the Ark.

This is because you’ll need to face off against a horde of Mutants as well as encounter a menacing two-phase boss fight with Cyber Crusher boss.

We advise you to go in well prepared to stand a chance, and for the boss, it’s best to target his critical point which lies towards his back. Get rid of the enemies to collect the Hyper-Cannon.

Settler Pistol

This powerful pistol packs a punch to every bullet it sends out. Being a possession of Nicolas Raine, the weapon comes as part of the pre-order bonus along with the aforementioned individual’s rad armor.

If you were lucky enough to pre-order the game, you’ll need to complete the limited time mission titled “Cult of the Dead God”. Coming out victorious in the end rewards you both with the Settler Pistol and Nicolas Raine’s armor.

Smart Rocket Launcher

This explosive powerhouse of a weapon deals immense damage, thanks to multiple explosive rounds fired from it. Moreover, you can also lock onto enemies so these rockets home in on your enemy following their trail to death.

Located north of Torn Plains Track is the Strongbox Ark deep in the canyons. This is where you’ll find the Smart Rocket Launcher at.

How to Upgrade Weapons

You’ve unlocked all weapons and now you want to explore their complete destructive capabilities. Well, to fully utilize the power of these firearms, you’ll need to collect some materials to upgrade such weapons.

The ‘Levels Upgrades’ will increase the damage potential of your weapon and *will require Feltrite* that’s one of the more abundant resources in Rage 2.

These are obtained as a loot drop from almost all standard enemies or from chests riddled around the Wastelands.

Make sure to also look for glowing blue cylinders that can be shot to get a decent amount of Feltrite. You can increase the level of your weapon up to four times with the final one requiring 1,000 Feltrite.

On each new level of your weapon, you’ll gain access to Weapon Modifications which grant you with the options of more abilities to use with your firearms and increase some of their crucial stats.

You can choose up to 2 Mods from four possible options. Unlocking Weapons Mods require a different ingredient: Weapon Core Mods. These can be purchased from *merchants in Trade Towns*.

Alternatively, you can hunt for these resources in Ark Chests, which as the name suggests, can be found in the many Ark regions we already mentioned above. That’s all there is to it!

Grab the Weapon Core Mods and use them to unlock an array of different abilities for your weapon and wreak havoc in the Wastelands.

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