How to Use Cooking Pot in Raft

This guide will cover in detail how to use the Cooking Pot in Raft as well as ingredients for cooking recipes.

Everything requires some form of fuel or energy to function. We as humans need food to perform our daily tasks and the same as true for survival games. While adventuring in the wild world of Raft, you will need food to sustain and function, and helping you in the process is the Cooking Pot. This guide will cover in detail how to use the Cooking Pot in Raft as well as cooking recipes.

How to Use a Cooking Pot in Raft

Cooking Pot in Raft can be used to combine regular food items into delicious meals. Once a food item is converted into a meal and then consumed, it will fill the hunger bar, but it will also give the player a bonus depending on the type of meal consumed.

When the hunger bar fills using meals from the cooking pot, that energy will deplete slowly as compared to the energy obtained from regular food items. Now that we have figured out how useful a cooking pot is, let’s find out how to use it.

Before using the cooking pot, you obviously have to craft, and you can do that by first researching it at the research table and then using the following items to craft it

  • 6x Planks
  • 6x Plastic
  • 2x Metal Ingots
  • 4x Vine Goo
  • 1x Bolt

The Cooking Pot is like a table with 4 marked spots to place your ingredients and a big pot in the middle. You can place all of your ingredients as mentioned on the recipe (more details about the recipe in the next section of the guide) on the designated spots.

You will need planks to burn in the fire which will cook the meal. The pot consumes 1 plank every 50 seconds as the fire burns. Meals take anywhere between 90 and 210 seconds to cook.

Once the meal is ready, you will need a clay pot, which can simply be made from clay, to eat the meal out of.

Cooking Pot Recipes

Recipes in Raft is a list of ingredients that are required to prepare a meal in the Cooking Pot. The required ingredients and the quantity of each of that equipment are mentioned in the recipe.

You can find recipes at several different places such as.

  • Chests on Islands
  • Underwater
  • Abandoned Rafts
  • Barrels

Once you have the recipe, you can put it anywhere you want such as on the wall or the table alongside the cooking pot.

Below are the available cooking recipes in Raft and the ingredients required for them

Catfish Deluxe

  • Raw Potato
  • Raw Beet
  • Raw Catfish
  • Cave Mushroom

Coconut Chicken

  • 2x Raw Drumstick
  • 1x Coconut
  • 1x Cave Mushroom

Drumstick with Jam

  • 2x Raw Drumsticks
  • 2x Red Berries

Fish Stew

  • Bucket of Milk
  • Raw Tilapia
  • Raw Mackerel
  • Egg

Fruit Compot

  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Red Berries
  • Mango

Head Broth

  • Raw Potato
  • Raw Beet
  • 2x Poison-Puffer Head
  • Bucket of Milk

Mushroom Omelette

  • 2x Egg
  • Raw Potato
  • Cave Mushroom

Salmon Salad

  • Raw Salmon
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Silver Algae

Shark Dinner

  • 2x Raw Shark Meat
  • Silver Algae
  • Cave Mushroom

Simple Fish Stew

  • Raw Pomfret
  • Raw Herring
  • Raw Beet
  • Raw Potato

Vegetable Soup

  • Raw Potato
  • Raw Beet

If you follow the recipe exactly, you will obtain a meal and if you don’t follow the recipe what you will have is a leftover which is a waste of food and the energy from the leftover depletes very quickly.

Although eating food items will replenish your energy but if you follow a recipe and consume a meal made in the cooking pot, it will sustain for a much longer period and it is recommended for longer adventures

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