Quake Champions Weapons and Abilities Dissected Out of E3 2016 Trailer

From the E3 2016 reveal trailer we have been able to get our first details on Quake Champions weapons as well as some abilities.

A new Quake game was hinted at last month, and during Bethesda’s E3 2016 media briefing Quake Champions was officially revealed. The trailer we saw that day has much more to offer, though, like the first details on Quake Champions weapons and abilities.

Obviously the developers did not discuss the two things specially, but since some parts of the trailer have been self explanatory, we have been able to dissect the information out of there.

First Details on Quake Champions Weapons and Abilities

Even the start of the E3 reveal gave us two weapons, a conventional shotgun and a Lightning Gun, so we are definitely getting those two. Moments later, a rocket launcher and a Railgun are confirmed with explosions and bursts for each respectively.

If that was not enough, the unbelievably stuffed trailer managed to flaunt a buzz saw on a character as well as a Heavy Assault Rifle which the female character is seen wielding.

We can see long returning fans of the Quake series drooling all over the classic Quake Champions weapons, but what of the abilities?

Of course we are expecting the game to give us specific characters with abilities that are specific to them, and we are also expecting a lot of them. The trailer, however, managed to show just a few.


There was one character that we saw using a teleportation ability that allowed immediate jumps to closer locations on the map. Then there also was a heat seeking radar on another fighter.

While it would make more sense to keep such abilities specialized to each character, the developers have revealed that you will be able to pick up and use weapons of others.

How much will they blur the line in terms of abilities is yet to be seen, but the amount of Quake Champions weapons we have seen so far suggests that we will also get any and all other fan favorite weapons everyone is hoping for like a generic machine gun, the BFG and the Plasma Gun.

We know that the original Quake was basically a PC game and that is the platform Quake Champions was announced for. However, id Software did talk about what the future could hold while being asked about an Xbox One and PS4 release.

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