PUBG PS4 All But Confirmed for December Release

PUBG may finally be coming to the PS4 after having made its debut on the PC, Xbox One and Mobile devices beforehand. Possible Crossplay in the future?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds started out as an early access Steam purchase on PC. It released on Xbox One as a full title near a year ago. According to these photo leaks from a PSN user, however, PUBG may be coming to the PS4 soon which will end its console exclusivity to the Xbox.

The battle royale game that briefly surpassed Dota on Steam downloads supposedly has a link and logo on the PlayStation servers. It’s just not yet been made available to the general public.

The digital ID code of the link and its images, however, do point towards the game itself. Searching up the ID doesn’t officially bring up any clues or info in regards to a release date or even a confirmation to Battlegrounds being on the PS4.

Another piece of evidence pointing to the game’s port is the game rating administration of Korea releasing a PS4 PUBG rating for the supposed release for the title.

The longtime rival of PUBG, the battle royale game from Epic games studios. Fortnite has been omnipresent on the PC, Xbox, and PS4 since its launch. Besides being free to play, Fortnite also introduced crossplay between consoles, PC and even its later mobile releases.

Seeing as how PUBG also exists on the Xbox and Android/IOS devices. The next logical step in Battleground’s competitive path would be a PS4 release.

This would make it on the same level of accessibility as Fortnite. It would also simultaneously set it up for the next step of establishing crossplay between platforms.

PUBG does still suffer from optimization issues which it’s been facing since early access. You’d think that it might have been fixed and polished by the time of the game’s full launch.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Hopefully, the combined complaints of PC, Xbox, and PS4 users might convince Battlegrounds to fix their game before proceeding further with its reach and availability.

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