PUBG Player Numbers Break One Million Once Again, Ends Year-Long Slump

PUBG player numbers have broken one million again for the first time after being in a slump the entire rest of this year for variuos reasons.

PUBG player numbers have decided to shoot upward again, ending a year long slump where the game was unable to break a million players. Now, however, that time has come to an end. There are a variety of reasons as to why it might have happened, but we don’t know for sure.

PUBG released back in early 2017 on Early Access and got an official release in December of that year. While highly popular with millions of players, the game quickly fell by the wayside as Fortnite made its own battle royale mode, which had far less glitches, more regular content updates, and above all no hackers ruining the game for everyone.

All of this came together to send PUBG player numbers spiraling, but now they seem to be rising up again for a number of reasons. The game did just come out on the Playstation 4 after years of only being on the PC and Xbox One, but there’s also the fact that a new map, the snow-covered Vikendi map, was added on December 19.

That might be the biggest reason, as people are probably intrigued by a new map, the fourth to be released for the game. Once people get tired of the new map, unless Bluehole can put out new content to keep people interested, another fall in numbers may be in the future. Yet at the same time, PUBG Mobile is doing very well, so who knows the real reason.

Whatever the reason is for the increase in PUBG player numbers, it seems like the game is on the rebound for now after many months of relative quiet from Bluehole. Whether it will continue remains to be seen, but for now PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will hopefully be fun for a lot of players and hopefully Bluehole can keep it that way for now.

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