PUBG Patch 12 For Xbox One Planned For Release Next Week

PUBG Patch 12 For Xbox One Planned For Release Next Week which might bring new content to the game which is not yet confirmed as there are no patch notes for the update yet.

Microsoft is enjoying having PUBG as an Xbox exclusive on which they recently reached over 5 million players. Which means more PUBG updates and patches are needed to improve the game experience thus PUBG Xbox One patch 12 is planned for a release on All Xbox systems next week.

Microsoft’s executive producer Nico bihary said that new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Microsoft’s console will be submitted for certification this Friday if no issues are found during the testing. On Reddit he said

I’ve been waiting until we have material information before making any posts/tweets. We shifted to a longer window between patches, and therefore the “news cycle” has widened.

New patch in sub this Friday (assuming no major issues), and a release sometime next week (again, caveated). I’d like to have details of the patch out later this week (or early next week at the latest).

It was also confirmed on Twitter by the executive producer that team aims to release the patch between 9 April and April 10 and it being tested currently. He said on his Twitter:

Targeting submission of “Patch 12” for the end of this week, with release sometime btwn 9th/12th. Will circle back with any updates, or new information later this week.

Then he continued

Just internal testing at this point (which is going well), but nothing more to share at this time.

Microsoft and Bluehole have confirmed that the Xbox Battlegrounds will be getting new exciting maps and more content. One of the next big additions to the game will be the Miramar map which will come during the early spring.

Bluehole also confirmed that they will be releasing new updates every few weeks, which means that the players will see some new content in the next update, it’s unclear if the new map will be added in the new update yet or you might have to wait until May or even June for the new content to drop.

PUBG recently released for the mobile and it was better than our expectations.

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