Psychonauts 2 Truheltia Memonstria Boss Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to defeat the Psychonauts 2 Truheltia Memonstria Boss with an effective strategy and free Bob!

Psychonauts 2 features plenty of boss fights with the Truheltia Memonstria fight being one of the major ones. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to defeat Truheltia Memonstria in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 Truheltia Memonstria Boss

This boss fight against Truheltia Memonstria occurs when you’re inside Bob’s head, who’s a gardener himself.

The Truheltia Memonstria boss fight will begin when the Moth will trap Bob and the three giant plants come out of nowhere. The Helmet Plant will push you into the water, where you will be stranded on a door.

You will spend the rest of the boss fight on the door in the sea. You cannot move anywhere from the door, other than just left and right to dodge incoming attacks.

Use Telekinesis

The Helmut Plant will throw big seeds at you that you can pick up using Telekinesis and throw them back at him. This will do an immense amount of damage to the boss.

Use ranged weapons to deal damage to the plants. Tia Plant will shoot rockets at you that will deal huge damage if you get hit by them. Dodge the incoming missiles by moving left or right.

Attack the Moth

After a short fight, a cutscene will be played where you will be back on land to free Bob. Attack the moth to free Bob. A Bad Mood enemy will spawn which will stop you from freeing Bob.

Defeat Bad Mood Enemy

To defeat the Bad Mood enemy, use Clairvoyance to find where it is getting the power from. Destroy the power source and the enemy will be defeated.

Finish the Truheltia Memonstria Boss Fight

The Moth will put you back on the floating door in the sea, where you will fight the plants again. Keep repeating the same technique from the first round and the boss will be defeated in no time.