Psychonauts 2 Strike City Collectibles Locations Guide

Strike City is a POI in Psychonauts 2, and the whole area is bowling alley-themed. There are many different types of Collectibles scattered around Strike City, and in this Psychonauts 2 Strike City Collectibles Locations guide, we will list them all down along with their locations.

Psychonauts 2 Strike City Collectibles Locations

Below we have listed down the different collectibles present in Strike City and where they can be found.

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Memory Vault in Strike City

Memory Vaults are like memory fragments and were also present in the original Psychonauts. The first memory vault is located right at the start of the Strike City area.

Go to the building to the right from where you land into Strike City and follow the path to get the Memory Vault. Break the Memory Vault by hitting it to play the memory fragments of Ford and Lucy’s first date.

Nugget in Strike City

After you find the Suitcase Tag, keep moving forward until you see a water tower near the ‘Joe’ sign. The Nugget of Wisdom, which is a new collectible in Psychonauts 2, will be on the top of the water tower.

Half-A-Mind in Strike City

Strike City also has one Half-A-Mind, which is also located in the Construction area. It will be on a red beam in the construction area.

Emotional Baggage in Strike City

Suitcase Tag

To find the Suitcase Tag, continue on after you lower the first bridge. You will see a roof having some gooey stuff, and a Yeast van parked there. The suitcase tag is along with the Yeast van on this roof.

Dufflebag Tag

From the water tank where you get the nugget, go across to the other building and climb the building and then cross the Joe sign to reach a platform.

Drop down from this platform to spawn to another area where you will find the Dufflebag Tag on a roof behind you.


The Dufflebag can be found near the first ball polisher and the bridge.


To find the suitcase, head to the construction site area of Strike City. The suitcase is present on the ground floor of the construction site under a ramp.

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