Psychonauts 2 Ford’s Follicles Collectibles Locations Guide

In this Psychonauts 2 Ford's Follicles Collectible Locations guide, we will be taking a dig into the locations of all these collectibles.

Ford’s Follicle is one of Ford’s missions in the brand-new Psychonauts 2, featuring plenty of collectibles. In this Psychonauts 2 Ford’s Follicles Collectible Locations guide, we will be taking a dig into the locations of all these collectibles.

Psychonauts 2 Ford’s Follicles Collectibles Locations

There are essentially five types of collectibles found in Psychonauts 2, namely Figments, Emotional Baggage, Memory Vaults, Half-A-Minds, and Nuggets of Wisdom.

Of these, the most abundant ones are Figments, with Ford’s Follicles housing 43 of them. As for the other aforementioned collectibles, only one of each is present at this level.

Worry not, however, as our guide below will get you up to speed with the locations of all 47 of the collectibles in Ford’s Follicles.

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So, let’s begin!

Figments in Ford’s Follicle

There are a total of 43 figments scattered across this level. Multiple figments are saturated in different areas of Ford’s Follicles.

Figments Location # 1

As soon as you spawn, proceed forward, and you’ll find 7 of the figments spread across a series of small platforms.

Figments Location # 2

Right ahead of the previous location is a platform with moving combs; you’ll find 2 of the figments on it.

Figments Location # 3

Towards the right of the platform in the previous location, you’ll see another platform with the ‘Malik Razors’ advertisement sitting on it. Hop onto it and grab 3 more of the figments.

Figments Location # 4

Head back to the platform with the moving combs. Proceed to its top and then glide through the figments in the air to land on the small area containing a wall clock.

Along the way, you will be able to pick 9 more figments.

Figments Location # 5

From the previous location, jump out to the series of alternating platforms outside. Move from one platform onto another until you have grabbed all the figments on them.

You are likely to get 5 more figments from this location.

Figments Location # 6

From the previous location, jump to the area with the broken wooden reeling. Now, just keep proceeding forward, searching every nook and cranny, and you’ll find all the remaining figments.

For the last three figments, you’ll have to climb all the way to the top of the platform located at the end of the area.

As you make the climb, you will be able to pick them up along the way.

Emotional Baggage in Ford’s Follicle

To get the emotional baggage, you must first find its tag. The Steamer Trunk tag can be found on a small step after fighting the Censors with fancy hair for the first time.

For the Steamer Trunk baggage, keep proceeding ahead in the same location. Once you have grabbed both the level’s Half-A-Mind and Memory Vault, you’ll come across a statue.

Hop onto the platform next to it and you’ll find the Steamer Trunk sitting in dark on some brown hair.

Memory Vault in Ford’s Follicle

Memory Vault allows you additional information on the character whose mind you’re in.

You can find this collectible in Location # 6 of Figments.

This area resembles a courtyard, and you’ll find the memory vault right across from a wooden board saying, “War Going On?”.

Half-A-Mind in Ford’s Follicle

Half-A-Mind to a half brain. Finding two pieces of it grants the health of one full brain. However, there’s only one piece available on this level.

It is located on a step on the opposite side of the Memory Vault.

Nugget of Wisdom in Ford’s Follicle

In the first location of the figments, when you are traveling across a series of platforms, you’ll see a red swirling button to your right; the Nugget of Wisdom is sitting right across from it. Using PSI Blast, hit it and then ride over to grab it.

Upon getting the Nugget of Wisdom, your rank will immediately increase by one.