PSP-3000 Repair Service Is Ending in Japan This September

Another one bites the dust. Sony have run out of stock that can be used to repair the parts of a PSP-3000. They officially announced on their website in a blog post that the PSP-3000 will no longer be eligible for after-sales services. In simpler words, press F, the PSP-3000 production is officially dead.

Here’s the announcement made by SIE regarding how the PSP-3000 can no longer be repaired:

“We would like to express our sincere thanks to our products. With regard to the PSP-3000 series main unit and peripheral devices, we announced that we will stop accepting after-sales service as soon as the stock of repair parts runs out, but we will have after-sales service on Monday, September 30, 2019.”

Now this isn’t to say you’ll never be able to play on a PSP-3000 again. You can still find a vendor somewhere or the other. Whether it’s through an antique console salesman or an online bartering website. You can still find PSPs out there.

It’s just that the official support for them has ended. This means if you do happen to own a PSP-3000, take good care of it. Sony are no longer able to help.

As mentioned above, the reason was a lack of stock in repair parts. The production of the PSP-3000 became outdated near the same time as the PlayStation 2, which is also no longer produced. This is simply another step further into the oncoming generation of gaming.

That reminds me, perhaps the decline in PSP-3000 repair stock might have something to do with the PlayStation 5. The heavy duty console is surely taking up a lot of the company’s resources and time right? If it’s going to include all the things we were promised.

It’s sad to see the PSP-3000 go regardless. Every device is essentially on a limited life span now. It might not end too soon, but now there’s no going back anymore.

Source: Gamestalk

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