PS5 vs Xbox Anaconda: Console War Will End in Truce, Says Analyst

PS5 and Xbox Anaconda could end the long running console war. According to analyst, Sony and Microsoft are targeting different audiences.

PlayStation and Xbox have gone toe-to-toe for a decade. With each console generation, Sony and Microsoft try to outdo each other but the console wars may come to an end soon. Interestingly, we may not see a winner at the end of it all when the dust settles after PS5 and Xbox Anaconda.

According to analyst Tom Wijman from the gaming markets analytics firm Newzoo, Sony and Microsoft are taking different routes. The console gaming landscape is changing thanks to new technologies like PlayStation VR and streaming.

Sony is investing recourses into PlayStation VR gaming while Microsoft is moving toward video game streaming via Project xCloud. As a result, both companies will start to offer widely different gaming services on top of the basic console gaming experience.

Sony and Microsoft’s strategies aren’t necessarily aimed at the same audience anymore.

The strategies are not necessarily aimed at the same audience, so there is definitely a scenario where both work. [Gamers don’t have] to rely on VR or cloud gaming — there are plenty of scenarios where players use both. Particularly as Microsoft’s games will be available with or without an Xbox console, it will be easier than ever for players to play both PlayStation and Microsoft games.

Both companies have taken their strengths to shape their next console gaming systems. Sony’s plan is to offer high-quality exclusive content on a developer friendly console with VR gaming at the heart of everything.

Sony’s strategy is all about offering great content to the people that love to play their games — investing more in VR is just an extension of that. Microsoft, on the other hand, is changing its focus to services over hardware. Cloud gaming is just the distribution platform that has the possibility to reach the largest audience.

PS5 will build on everything PS4 did right. PlayStation will focus less on streaming and more on VR experiences for its future. Meanwhile, Microsoft is moving toward Project xCloud’s streaming capabilities. xCloud is Microsoft’s attempt to take a piece of the mobile gaming market by targeting casual gamers.

The mobile gaming market is forecasted to be $100 billion by 2021. Project xCloud recently reached a major milestone. Project xCloud will hit beta later this year.

Meanwhile, Sony is going to continue creating a top-tier console with industry-leading specs and VR.

PS5 and Xbox Anaconda will release sometime next year. Proper reveals are expected at E3 2020 while teaser drops may take place at E3 2019.

Source: Inverse

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