PlayStation Attending PAX East 2020, Is That You PS5?

Pax East just announced the exhibitors for their 2020 event. Fans are hoping that we will see something related to PlayStation 5.

It was revealed earlier that PlayStation is attending this year’s Pax East event as an exhibitor. The event will take place from 27 February to March 1st.

Last year, PlayStation made an appearance at the Pax East event. One of the highlights of their exhibition was their Days Gone booth. They showcased the action-adventure survival game in great fashion. Players were also offered an exclusive Days Gone patch if they completed a demo of the game.

PlayStation also showed off the capabilities of PlayStation VR. Eight demos were set up which included Vacation Simulator and Trover Saves the Universe. They also introduced the PlayStation Gear Store. The store had collectibles such as Days Gone T-shirts, apparel and other related merchandise.

A lot of other PlayStation 4 titles were available to play in the event including Control, Layers of Fear 2, Mortal Kombat 11 and Falcon age.

With PlayStation coming to Pax East this year, fans are speculating about what the gaming giant will have to offer. The first thing that comes to mind is obviously something related to the PlayStation 5.

We have yet to receive any official information regarding the reveal event of the PlayStation 5. Leaks suggested that the reveal event might actually be in March rather than the rumored month of February.

It would make sense for Sony to reveal the PlayStation 5 before the Pax East event. That would allow them to reveal a lot more content without any restrictions. Sony also seems to be waiting for Microsoft to announce the price of the Xbox Series X. After they sort out the price for the PlayStation 5, they might host their own reveal event for their next-gen console.

Last month it was revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment won’t be attending E3 2020. They stated that the direction that the event was taking didn’t align with what they had planned for this year. Sony showed an interest in attending other consumer events to showcase their upcoming games. It looks like Pax East is one of those events and hopefully Sony has something exciting in store for us.