Bethesda is Discussing PS5 and Xbox Scarlett With Sony and Microsoft

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett games are currently under development at Bethesda. The studio is disucssing the future with Sony and Microsoft.

Bethesda, the creator of The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield, is discussing the future of Sony and Microsoft. Speaking in a recent interview with Pete Hines, Senior Vice President – Global Marketing and Communications at Bethesda Softworks, stated that they are discussing PS5 and Xbox Scarlett with the makers.

However, this discussing is often vague and both companies never openly share specs they are working on. Instead, they provide a general idea of where the direction is set. The development of Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 seems to be based on these general ideas provided by Sony and Microsoft. What’s interesting is that Sony is rumored to have provided PS5 dev kits to studios earlier this year for games development.

If Bethesda only has a vague idea of what Sony is working on, then it is safe to say either Bethesda didn’t get the PS5 dev kit or the rumors aren’t true at all. PS5 specs are still under wraps but we can speculate that Sony will try to outdo Xbox One X the very least. This means Sony’s next gaming console could very well push 4K 60FPS in most games including Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6.

Backward compatibility and VR integration are rumored, in fact, Sony filed patents for these features. But then again, like Bethesda, we also have a vague idea but our information is based on Sony’s patents and leaks.

All of our studios and we as a publisher talk to them a lot about where they are going, where they are headed and what we can expect.

You can shoot for the moon, but if you are literally just shooting for the moon and ignoring everything else then don’t be surprised if you’ve veered wildly off course. You want to shoot for the moon but make sure that at least it’s along the same kind of path that somebody else is doing because if you’re not – or sort of uninformed and going off into a different direction, you might find yourself all alone. You might find that the degree in which you have to pivot is a pretty big chasm.”

But definitely, we’re talking to all of these platform partners and figuring out where they are headed.

It can be a little bit of both, but definitely, we’re talking to all of these platform partners and figuring out where they are headed. To be honest with you they don’t just come back and go, ‘Oh here are the specs as of today’, they’re not going to do that. But they’ll say, ‘We like where you’re headed’, or, ‘You’re thinking in the same way we are’, whatever sort of vague yes or no they can give us. It’s a little bit of dancing around it but we feel like our teams have a good idea of where they should be heading down the road.

Xbox Scarlett and PS5 games are under development as we speak and Bethesda is one of the studios leading the charge.  Some of the PS5 games we can expect to see include Starfield, The Elder Scrolls 6, Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, God of War 5, and more. Meanwhile, a new Gears of War and Halo title is sure to make it the Xbox Scarlett roster.

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