PS4 and Xbox One Sales Touching 60 Million Now, Says Mad Catz

The CFO of Mad Catz has revealed that so far 60 million units of PS4 and Xbox One combined have been sold which is 5 million up from the end of 2015.

Mad Catz is making it to the news for a number of reasons these days, firstly it was about the resignations put in by the top executives of the company – a news that later translated into about 63 percent of their employees being laid off – and now it is in relation with PS4 and Xbox One sales.

The console wars are a topic that never goes out of the news and to some of the community members, sales figures are the most important medium to judge which one is a better console.

While if that was true it would mean that PS4 is a lot better than Xbox One, it is also true that both the consoles are continuously gaining in terms of sales.

The last time we talked about this was when it was revealed that about 55 million units had been sold by both the consoles cumulatively. That was the estimate for the end of last year and now, it has been suggested by the Mad Catz’ chief financial officer David McKeon, that five million more units were sold in the last month of January.

In total, McKeon reveals that a total of 60 million consoles have been sold by Sony and Microsoft together.

Not only that, the Mad Catz CFO also estimates that by the time we are through with 2018, a total of 150 million units will be sold by both the giants.


According to AMD, that will be the time when the current generation console cycle will end and PS4 and Xbox One will be replaced by their successors.

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