Project Scorpio Games Are Coming, Microsoft is Listening to Feedback; Albert Penello

Project Scorpio games are coming and the main theme of E3 this year is going to be games, according to Albert Penello of Microsoft.

Project Scorpio games are key for its success but Microsoft is yet to show any sign of them. However, we know that Microsoft is working on content support but that doesn’t mean the community won’t show its concerns.

To assure the community, Microsoft’s Albert Penello spoke recently and stated they are aware of the feedback and E3 2017 will be all about games. The main theme for E3 2017 is going to be games.

That’s gonna be the big thing, games, games, games. Look, I get it, I hear the feedback, I want everybody to know, games. It’s coming, that’s … today was about the specs, today we told you what the box does, you’re gonna see games, we know.

He added that developers also don’t need to worry as the company has crafted Project Scorpio with developers in mind as much as the consumer.

Games will be easy to port/develop and they are fully committed to quality Project Scorpio games.

Yeah, I think-I think one of the things I’ll just sort of tease is, like, I think one of the things that people wonder about this transition to these … to the two console model is, am I gonna get two slightly less versions of the game than I would have gotten in the old model where I can just work on one, um, one platform for 10 years.

We have put as much care and craftsmanship and effort and energy into the process for developers as we’ve put into the product for customers. That’s a story that-that will … that I’m excited to, you know, to be able to tell at some point. That means better … it means better games, because the developers are spending time on the content and the quality and not spending time making things work

We can’t wait to hear more at E3 2017.

Source: Major Nelson

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