Project Cars Errors, Unhandled Exceptions, Crashes, Controls, FPS, Performance and Fixes

How to fix Project Cars Errors, unhandaled exceptions, crashes, controls issues, Performance, FPS, and related issues - A troubleshooting guide

We have played both Forza and Driveclub, but now, it’s time we get to enjoy the exhilarating and heart pounding racing action Project Cars has to offer us. The community driven project is looking good and has secured descent reviews by most publications.

Although the game is looking well polished and Slightly Mad Studios has done an admirable job, there are chances that you might run into some issues that weren’t supposed to happen.

In that case, we have a small troubleshooting guide for you to help fix the issues you are facing.

#1 Project Cars Unhandled Exception Errors
If you are the unlucky one and encountering errors about unhandled exceptions, first thing you should try is deleting your graphicsconfig file from the documents folder.

If that doesn’t work, make sure that your don’t have any pending windows updates left for your system. Updating your system could fix the issues. And yes, don’t forget to verify your game files.

Adding -dx9 -x86 in the command line using launch options on Steam seems to have helped some users to resolve the issue.

If you are getting an exception after sometime into the gameplay then you should try lowering your graphics settings to fix it.

#2 Project Cars Controller Issues
If you are using an emulator and you are having some camera issues especially during braking, try setting your Force Feedback option in the settings menu to zero.

#3 Project Cars G27 Pedal Not Mapping
If you own a G27 wheel and are having trouble in configuration, this workaround might be able to fix your issue. You just need to make sure that your aren’t facing any hardware issue.

#4 Project Cars Framerate/FPS Issues
Project Cars is a resource hungry game so even if you have a descent gig, you might not be able to enjoy its full potential. And if you are having FPS issues, try playing around with settings a bit.

Users have reported that lowering grass details and turning off Vsync has helped them to improve the FPS to a considerable amount. It’s important that you are using latest version of GPU drivers for optimum performance.

#5 Project Cars Black Screen Issues
There are a few things you can try to resolve the issue. First, try running the game in windowed mode. Make sure that you aren’t using third party programs like FRAPS and bandicam etc.

You can also try tweaking your screen’s default refresh rate (try 60) as the conflict can result into black screen.

#6 Project Cars Audio Issues
Needless to say that you should first check if the in-game volume controls are set to give you some sound. If that’s not the issue, try updating the drivers for your sound card.

Still no luck? You should try verifying your game files via Steam.

#7 Project Cars Oculus Rift Shadow Bug
The team is aware of the issues with the shadows while using Oculus Rift and they will be fixing it with the future updates.

#8 Project Cars Invisible Mouse Pointer Fix
Try running the game in windowed mode to see the pointer. If that doesn’t help, you should try adding -dx9 to the command line of your game using launch options via Steam.

#9 Project Cars Game Won’t Start
If any of the above mentioned solutions haven’t helped you out and you are suing a Logitech controller, don’t forget to launch your profiler before starting the game.

If you come across any other issues, comment and we will try to help you out!

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