Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Errors, Account Verification, Crashes, FPS, Stuttering and Fixes

How to fix Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 errors, crashes, account verification issues, FPS problems, stuttering, performance issues and related problems.

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series has come a long way. Every year, they improve the formula a bit and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is no different. Although the game is improving every year, it’s still far behind than its competitor “FIFA series”. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is a bad game. In fact, for the first time, PC players have got the same version of the game as consoles so they are not left with short end of the stick this time.

Although the gameplay elements are solid, the PC version is facing some launch issues which are expected to get resolved with time. In the meanwhile, you can check our list of most common problems the game is facing and their possible fixes.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Errors, Crashes and Their Fixes

#1 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Error “Account verification failed. Code: QIMJ639_0
Since the launch of the game, a lot of users are getting this message and they are unable to login. You should first try the general troubleshooting at your end like restarting Steam and your router. If things remain the same, then you should wait as the error usually pops-up when servers are down/not responding. Also, make sure that your game is not being blocked by any security or antivirus tool.

#2 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Full Screen Issue
There are a couple of ways through which you can switch to full screen in PES 2018. There is a separate settings file in your game directory, you can select the option from there or simply, you could use the universal alt + enter method to switch to full screen mode.

#3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Crashes on Launch
There have been reports of startup crashes related Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Since the crash occurs with no error message, there are a few general things you can try to resolve the issue.

  • Verify the integrity of your game files.
  • Try running the game in compatibility mode.
  • Try running the game as admin.
  • If there are any extra applications running in the background, try shutting them down.
  • Make sure that your firewall is not blocking the game.
  • It’s very important that if you have any pending Windows updates, you do them and restart your PC.

#4 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 – White Screen Startup Crash
If you get a white screen in PES 2018 and then the game crashes with a “stopped working” error, you should try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in #3. If that doesn’t work, you try to do a fresh, clean install. Just make sure that your Windows does not have any pending updates before your re-install the game.

#5 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Stuttering Issue
Users with refresh rate more than 60 Hz have reported that they are experiencing stuttering during the gameplay. First, you should make sure that your drivers are up to date. If that’s not the issue, as a workaround for now, you should switch the refresh rate to 60 hz. We might see the issue fixed with patch in future.

#6 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Only 15 GB?
It’s not a bug and you should not worry about it as Konami uses high compression for its PES games. It will take longer to decompress so you might want to grab something to drink or eat.

#7 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 – Screen Flashes Rapidly on Startup
If you are getting this issue then your hardware is not that strong to run the game at 60 FPS at that resolution. Either, lower the resolution or reduce the FPS cap to 30. This should resolve the issue.

#8 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 FPS Drop Fix
If you are using refresh rate more than 60 hz, then turn it back to 60 and your FPS problem should be fixed. If that doesn’t help, make sure that the game is being run by your dedicated GPU and not the integrated one. Needless to say that your gpu drivers should be up to date.

If you are facing any other issues related to Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, let us know in the comments below.

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