Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Errors, Black Screen, Controls, Key Binding, Crashes and Fixes

How to fix Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 errors, crashes, black screen issues, controls issues, key binding issues, performance issues on PC.

Another year and we have another Pro Evolution Soccer game at our hands. Although the game is doing fine on consoles, PC users sadly haven’t received the same game as on consoles. Some might argue that it’s a crappy port while for others, it might just be fine and they will enjoy it anyway as FIFA could be too rigid for them to enjoy.

In any case, if you are a PC user, there might be some issues that might hinder your full experience. In that case, I have shortlisted some common problems users have been facing and there possible fixes. Konami intends to keep the latest iteration up to date and we are hoping that the PC version will receive the same updates as consoles.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Errors, Crashes, Performance Issues and Related Problems

#1 Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Resolution Fix
If you are new to PES then you should know that the game’s resolution can be changed via Settings.exe file. If the desired resolution does not appear in there, try the following:

Open properties of Settings.exe and in compatibility tab, check the option that says “Disable Digital scaling on high DPI settings”. This should resolve your issue.

#2 Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Key Binding Issues
Key Binding has been a little tricky in Pro Evolution Soccer series. If you want to play the game via keyboard, you will need select the keyboard tab from the launcher (Settings.exe) and then select the desired keys.

As for the controllers, the default layout will work just fine however, if you want to change them, you should make sure you select the right controller number for the changes to work properly.

#3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Performance Fix
If you are facing low FPS on a capable rig, you should try switching off the Vertical Sync off from Settings.exe. It goes without saying that your drivers should up to date. If you are a laptop user, make sure that the game is being run by using the dedicated gpu and not the integrated one.

#4 Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Error Code: FDDN532
The specific code or something similar corresponds to the unavailability of game servers. The issue could also be at your end so make sure that you keep an eye on their twitter page for official updates on server status.

#5 Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Connectivity Issues
First thing you should make sure is that the game is not being blocked by your firewall or any other security/antivirus tool you might have installed. If that’s not an issue and you are behind a router, the concerned ports are opened.

#6 Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Black Screen Fix
If you are getting a black screen with sounds in the background then you should try changing resolution/refresh rate from settings.exe. Your monitor’s resolution/refresh rate should be same as that of game to avoid any performance issues or black screen.

If you are facing any other issues, do let us know in the comments below.

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