Prevailing FIFA 18 Issues Force Players to Petition Against EA, Wants You to Stop “Funding” the Game

In addition to Star Wars Battlefront II, Electronic Arts (EA) must now also defend its fort from an angry batch of players on the side of FIFA 18.

The latest installment in the highly lucrative football simulation franchise was released nearly two months ago to an outstanding ovation. However, progression in terms of questionable changes have left the game in tatters as far as a certain portion of the community is concerned. The maddening silence from the controversy-riddled company has also not helped matters.

Thousands of players from FIFA 18 are now banding together to raise their voices against EA and the manner in which it is providing support. According to a petition that appeared on earlier this week, “many are very frustrated with the way the game has progressed over the past few months.”

The playable demo, released prior to the official launch, was hailed as a vast improvement over past installments in the franchise. However, changes made to the game since then have taken away that status by reverting the gameplay to an older form. The petition points out that FIFA 18 has transitioned into “FIFA 17.2” and feels nothing like it was at the time of release.

There is also the matter of the FIFA 18 Weekend League. The in-game event takes place during weekends and offers great rewards for those who participate. Unfortunately, players must go through at least forty matches before getting their hands on the digital goodies. That roughly translates to about 13 hours, which is simply unacceptable.

Furthermore, FIFA 18 remains with several technical issues that have so far been unfixed. This includes input delay in the online modes. A long list of these problems have be browsed here.

“I cannot stress enough for you to not purchase Fifa Points, Open Packs or even give your time to play the game until these issues are at least addressed and we have a solution no matter how tempting certain pack offers/picking up the game may be,” requests the individual who started the petition.

At the time of writing, the plea has garnered 29,552 signatures and is looking to reach its current goal of 35,000.

FIFA 18 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and Switch.

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