Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Mantine Surfing Guide

In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Mantine Surfing Guide, we will guide you on how you can complete all levels of Mantine Surfing in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Clearing all levels of Mantine surfing with high scores will get you a Surf Pikachu that you can evolve into Surf or normal Raichu.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Mantine Surfing

When you start doing the Mantine Surfing levels, you must keep one thing in mind and that is you must do each spot in the order because every consecutive level is more difficult and when you complete a level, you also unlock new special moves that help you complete difficult levels later on much more easily.

As you unlock new moves, they give much more points which help you in beating the high scores of levels which is the requirement for unlocking the surfing Pikachu.

Beating High Scores

Your goal here must be to beat the top score of a level before you move on to the next level. Once you have successfully beaten the top score, you earn a new move and you can progress to the next level. To beat the high score of any level, you can perform two things.

The first is you must always dodge the different obstacles in the way. Throughout the level, you will encounter many obstacles that will slow you down and this slowing down will greatly affect your overall high score.

Mantine Surfing Tricks and Surfing Moves

The second thing you must focus on is doing tricks while jumping.

You should only jump when you have enough speed and you get to know it when your character has an orange aura around it. This shows that he has the optimum speed to perform two complete tricks while in the air.

At the start, you will only have two tricks available to you, the Huntail Spiral and the Gorebyss spiral. They are identical to each other so you can spam one trick all the time for maximum points. Switching between the two will make no difference.

Move How to Do How to Unlock Mantine Move
Huntail Spiral Right, Right, Right At the start
Gorebyss Spiral Left, Left, Left At the start
Lanturn 360 Up, Down, Up Get highest score in 1 Beach
Primarina Twist Down, Down, Down Get highest score in 2 Beaches
Starmie 720 Right, Left, Right, Up Get highest score in 3 Beaches
Magikarp Splash Fail a move Initial
Over-The-Gyardos Up, Right, Down, Left Get highest score in 4 beaches and unlock Surfing Pikachu

Lanturn 360 Trick
When you beat the high score of the first level, you will unlock the trick Lanturn 360. It can only be performed on high waves so what you need to do now is that on low waves, you keep spamming Huntail Spiral and Gorebyss Spiral and when you get to a high wave, you perform Lanturn 360.

This will really boost your high score and help you beat the level’s high score. If you time it right, you can even fit two Lanturn 360s in one jump.

Primarina Twist Trick
When you have successfully beaten the high score of the second level, you will unlock a new move call Primarina Twist. This gives you more points than your starting moves but it can only be performed in short waves.

Now you have two advanced moves so when you jump off a shortwave, you can perform two Primarina Twists and when you jump off a high wave, you can perform two Lanturn 360s. Timing is the key here. Keep to this and you will beat the high score in no time.

Starmie 720
After beating the high score of the third level, you get access to your next and final move Starmie 720. It is a complex move and you need to perform four moves before performing this skill. Jump off high waves, perform four moves and then perform a Starmie 720.

However, unlike other moves, Starmie 720 does not give much higher points if performed twice in the same jump.

For maximum points, you can jump off a high wave, perform a Primarina Twist or Lanturn 360 on your way up and then perform a Starmie 720 on your way down. Using this technique, you will shatter those high scores in no time.

Surfing Pikachu

Once you have dominated all the courses, you can head to the surf shop in Heahea City and talk with the shop owner and he will give you a surfing Pikachu.

This Pikachu is, however, ability locked but it is not shiny locked, nature locked or IV locked so you can soft reset it to a shiny surfing Pikachu. This way you will own your own surfing Pikachu easily ready to take to battles or evolving in Raichu if you have a Thunder Stone.

Unlocking Flying Pickachu in Mantine Surfing, New Tricks and Moves

After this, he will also tell you to try to beat your own high scores using a new secret ability called Over-the-Gyarados. It is easy to beat them again with this new ability. However, you will not get the flying Pikachu as mentioned by the shop owner.

There is no current way of obtaining a flying Pikachu here in this game so your best bet is to import one from an earlier game if you really want one. If you can import one, you can evolve it into Alolem Raichu or a normal Raichu using a Thunder Stone.

Use it in any Alolem worlds for the Alolem Raichu while if you use a Warp hole to get to a world outside Alolem, you will evolve this into a normal Raichu.

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