Pokemon Sword and Shield Wyndon Gym Championship Guide

The final stretch of your journey through Galar in Pokemon Sword and Shield ends in you taking on the Wyndon Gym.

This guide is the complete walkthrough for the Wyndon Champion Gym Challenge in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You’ll have to go through many hurdles on your way to reach the Final Championship match, many secrets to be revealed and many Gym Leaders to Fight.

Read on to learn how to become the victor in all of the tournaments/ championships you’ll face in Wyndon Gym’s stadium.

Wyndon Gym Champion Cup- Semifinals

In the Wyndon Gym, you’ll be facing multiple opponents and we have the tips to defeat them all. Approach the guy in front of you, he’ll help you enter the locker room. From there you can go inside the stadium.


ScraftyDark/ Fight47
MorpekoElectric/ Dark48
ToxicroakPoison/ Fight47
GrimmsnarlDark/ Fairy49

Your first ever opponent in Wyndon Gym is none other than Marnie. Her team is almost the same with an inclusion of a few new Pokemon such as Grimmsnarl.

Toxicroak is a Poison/Fighting-Type Pokemon that can be defeated by using Flying Attack. Grimmsnarl is a Dark/Fairy-Type Pokemon that you can take down by using Poison or Steel.

Liepard, Scrafty and Morpeko can be defeated easily by using Fighting Attacks. Be sure to leave Dynamax for the very end, as they say; Leave the best for the last.


CorviknightFlying/ Steel48

Each Hop’s Pokemon has different abilities and weaknesses expect for Dubwook and Corviknight, as both have a weakness towards Fire Attacks.

Pincurchin is an Electric-Type Pokemon so, it can show weakness towards Ground Attacks. And last but not least, one of the laziest Pokemon known as Snorlax. Use a Fighting move against him, he wouldn’t mind!

Wyndon Gym Champion Cup- Finals

Once you’re done with the semifinals, get yourself ready to face the championship match finals inside Wyndon Stadium. A kid is waiting for you to shake hands with him on the right, be sure to approach him before talking to the man at the desk.

Chat with other gym leaders before going on the pitch. Just as you think you’re going to meet the final opponents, a familiar face will interrupt the scene. Gym Leader Bede will enter shortly and challenge as the Fairy-Type gym leader.

Gym Leader Bede

Bede carries four Pokemon with him. Since he’s a Fairy-Type fighter now, three of his Pokemon are both Psychic and Fairy, which are fragile towards Poison, Ghost and Steel.

MawileSteel/ Fairy51
GardevoirPsychic/ Fairy51
Galar RapidashPsychic/ Fairy52
HatterenePsychic/ Fairy53

Keep an eye on Bede as he uses Full restore at your last and final Pokemon.

Now, return to the locker and heal your hard-working Pokemons. When healed, step into the pitch once again.

Final Opponent 1: Gym Leader Nessa

Your next opponent is Nessa, the Hulbury Gym Leader. Unlike your last battle with her, she has a stronger team now, having all of her Pokemon in their evolved forms.

GolisopodBug/ Water51
PelipperWater/ Flying51
DrednawWater/ Rock53

Nessa goes with Golisopod, who is weak to Electric, Flying, and Rock moves. Pelipper is weak to Electric and Rock and Drednaw is weak to Electric, Fighting, and Ground.

Final Opponent 2: Bea/Allister

Coming up next is Bea, if you’re playing Pokemon Sword, and Allister, if you’re playing Pokemon Shield. Bea will have removed Hitmontop and Pangoro from her team and brought some new ones, including Hawlucha and Grapploct. In this way, she now focuses more on the Fighting types. You have to use a Flying, Psychic, and Fairy type.

HawluchaFighting/ Flying52

However, Bea uses Hawlucha at the beginning. Hawlucha is weak to Electric and Grass. Save your Dynamax for the end in every battle, this should be your main strategy.

If you’re playing Pokemon Shield, your opponent will be Allister instead of Bea. This mysterious Gym leader from Stow-on-Side Gym has also some newbies on his team. Though, you won’t feel difficulty in taking down all of his Pokemon in a matter of minutes.

ChandelureGhost/ Fire52
GengarGhost/ Poison54

Allister still specializes in Ghost-types, meaning you can easily get victory over his team using Dark-type Pokemon. At first, he sends his pure Ghost-type, Dusknoir, which is a fully evolved form of Duskull. Next, he brings out the Ghost and Fire type Chandelure, followed by three other ghouls.

Final Opponent 3: Gym Leader Raihan

You may have won the battle, but the War isn’t over yet. Next up is Raihan, the Dragon type gym leader. And we know well that Ice, Dragon and Fairy are best for Dragon types.

TurtonatorFire/ Dragon54
FlygonGround/ Dragon54
DuraludonSteel/ Dragon55

Looks like Raihan has mixed up his team, he sends Torkoal, a fire-type first. The obvious counter for fire is water, ground or Rock.

Goodra, Turtonator, and Flygon are weak to Dragon attacks. Be careful when fighting Duraludon, it’s not like his teammates. It is weak to Fighting and Ground and possesses high-speed which means it doesn’t take the first strike, even with Dynamax.

Once you’ve beaten everyone and are done with the finals, head inside and watch a cutscene. After which, you will be back at the Slumbering Weald.

Wyndon Gym – Championship Match with Leon

After visiting Slumbering Weald and Energy Plant, you will be sufficiently warmed up from the recent fights with Chairman Rose and Eternatus. It’s time to face the undefeated champion of the Galar Region.

Go to the Wyndon Stadium for the final stretch of our Pokemon Sword and Shield Wyndon Gym Championship guide. Step in the pitch after talking to the man in front of the desk.

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for, your Championship match against the Champion Leon begins. This time you can’t use the same type Pokemon, since Leon brought a team belonging to different types.

AegislashGhost/ Steel62
DragapultDragon/ Ghost62
SeismitoadWater/ Ground64
Cinderace (if you chose Grookey)Fire64
Rhyperior (if you chose Sobble)Ground/ Rock64
Rillaboom (If you chose Sobble)Grass64
CharizardFire/ Flying65

His first Pokemon is Aegislash a fitting choice and one that’s weak to Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark. Next up is Dragapult, a new Pokemon that’s weak to Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy moves. You also have Haxorus, a Dragon-type that’ll go down with decent Ice, Dragon, and Fairy attacks.

Rhyperior is weakened by Water and Grass and can also be affected by Ice, Fighting, Ground, and Steel. You’ll also fight Rillaboom, a Grass type weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug. and Grass moves.

This is the Final and hardest task in the game, Leon sends out his Charizard. Both of you are going to save the Dynamax for the last.

Charizard is weak to Water, Electric, and especially Rock attacks. Don’t get your hopes up as Leon can use a Grass Type to counter your pick, if you use a Water type. He’ll strike you with a Grass move, if you don’t take him out in your first G-Max Move.

And just like that, you’re the new Champion of Wyndon Gym. Don’t miss the title screen on the credits.

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