Pokemon Sword And Shield Petition Asks Trump To Halt Sales

An online petition to halt sales for Pokemon Sword And Shield emerged today. Angry fans have almost a month to collect 99.000 votes and send it to Congress.

Fans’ rage over Pokemon Sword and Shield has reached a whole new level after a petition surfaced asking US President Donald Trump to halt sales in order to wake up GameFreak. The backlash over the game’s old models is understandable but the petition seems like an unreasonable way to protest over rights.

During its first days of reviews, Pokemon Sword and Shield didn’t get any major negative comments about its state. In fact, there are cases where reviewers praise the game for modernizing the series. However, there’s an unsatisfied portion of fans that want GameFreak to stand up to their promises and change their tactics.

Back when the game was announced, the developers promised that they will redo all included pokemon models. However, for that to be done, they’ll have to cut down the number of pokemon in it. Dataminers have found that not only half of the pokemon are gone but, the new models are future-proofed ones that were created back in 3DS.

As a result, the matter got too much attention after the outing. Justified or not, fans want to get what they were promised and, on that end, GameFreak underdelivered. However, we can’t deny that the studio made a huge effort to animations, making Pokemon more lifelike.

The online petition towards the US president and White House wants the congress to halt the sales of Pokemon Sword And Shield, in order for GameFreak to change their ways. Here’s what the petition description states:

We, the people of the United States of America strive for quality goods and entertainment. We, the People of the United States want what is best for our children. We, the people of the United States want what is best in our stores. President Trump and Congress, the newest Pokemon games by Game Freak and Nintendo are negatively impacting the market with questionable decisions. We believe if the sales of the games were to stop, it will wake up Game Freak and we’ll get quality back.

This will set a bad standard in the markets if these were to get sold. We, as both Pokemon fans but more importantly, American Citizens believe this is violating our Market rights and need something done about this.

In order for the White House to see and address this matter, there must be at least 99.807 signatures signed by December 12th. Luckily for us all excited fans, it only has 227 by the time this article was written.

This changes nothing for Pokemon Sword And Shield right now. The games release tomorrow exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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