Pokemon Sword and Shield Loto-ID Prizes Guide

Get an idea of how the Loto ID works in Pokemon Sword and Shield and how you can use it get numerous prizes to help you in your travels

Pokemon games are back with the Loto-ID system. This is probably the hardest win or loss for players in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Loto-ID Prizes guide, we’ll be explaining to you the not-so-hard method for winning the prizes along with the rewards you receive afterward.

In order to win the Loto-ID prizes, you’ll have to check the  Sword and Shield Loto-ID each day, just to take a look at what you won.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Loto-ID Prizes

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, each trainer is assigned with an Identification to every Pokemon they catch. In order to win the Loto-ID Prizes, you can either match the winning ID of that day with any one of the IDs of the Pokemon you have, or you can simply Trade.

There’s a key function in Sword and Shield called “Surprise Trade”. This function allows the players to trade Pokemon without interfering in the game.

The more you trade; the more IDs are added to your collection. This way you’ll increase your chances of winning the Prizes. Therefore, you must take full advantage of this function!

The Loto-ID system that rewards you based on the number of digits in your matches. In Sword and Shield these are the rewards you receive according to your digits:

  • One digit: Moomoo Milk
  • Two digits: PP Up
  • Three digits: PP Max
  • Four digits: Rare Candy
  • Five digits: Master Ball

This is a confirm Loto-ID reward list, as many players have been winning these awards since the release of the game. So, make sure to fully use this system and place these awesome rewards on your shelf

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