How To Catch Toedscool In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

The newly introduced pack of Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet includes Toedscool. It will be familiar to those who have played the gen 1 Pokemon, Tentacool.

The nostalgic feeling will be there for the returning players, and this unique Mushroom Pokemon will be an excellent addition to your pack.

In Pokemon SV, the vast open area makes the tracking of Toedscool a bit difficult. This guide is articulated to provide you with information on the locations of Toedscool, and solving any questions about where to find Toedscool in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Toedscool location in Pokemon SV

The vast area of the Paldea region provides large spawning areas for Toedscool. Moving through Area One and Area Two, you can catch Toedscool from the East Province.

The South province also holds the spawning areas for Toedscool; move to Area One, Area three, Area Four, or Area Five.

Additionally, West Province has two areas contributing toward the catchment of Toedscool, Area Two and Area Three.

Toedscool can also be found in Asado Desert, Casseroya Lake, and Glaseado Mountains. The spawning areas’ abundance does not mean you could get there and catch it. Toedscool is quite a rare spawn. You keep your search on unless you see one of them.

Remember, this Pokemon is quick, and try to use the newly introduced stealth feature to get close to the Toedscool. Use the battle option and poke ball to catch it in Pokemon SV.

Toedscool is a strong Pokemon against electric, rock, and ground attacks. Here are some stats to get an idea about the initial capabilities of cool-looking Grass-type Pokemon.

  • HP: 40
  • Attack: 40
  • Defense: 35
  • Special Attack: 50
  • Special Defense: 100       
  • Speed: 70

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