How To Reset EVs In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

EVs which are Effort Values in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are also known as Base Points that are commonly used...

EVs which are Effort Values in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are also known as Base Points that are commonly used to contribute Pokemon stats. However, sometimes you might need to raise these base points in a specific manner of your own choosing instead of how the game assigns them. That is where the process of resetting EVs comes in Pokemon SV.

Effort Values can be gained by defeating a Pokemon, and then these EVs are added to their base stats which can also increase some abilities of the Pokemon. As mentioned before, you can reduce or reset EVs to design a Pokemon in a way you see fit, like prioritizing speed over defense etc.

How to reset EVs

All you know about how you reset EVs in Pokemon SV is that you can use EV-Reducing Berries which can reduce EVs by 10. With these berries, it is possible to adjust its stats. Different kinds of berries are used to adjust these stats.

Below are all these berries you need to find and what EV stats they reset.

  • Qualot Berry (Defense Stat)
  • Grepa Berry (Special Defense Stat)
  • Kelpsy Berry (Attack Stat)
  • Hondew Berry (Special Attack Stat)
  • Pomeg Berry (HP Stat)
  • Tamato Berry (Speed Stat)

Where to find EV Reducing Berries

You will not only stumble upon these EV Reducing Berries everywhere, which means that there are only specific areas that you should focus on.

The areas players should explore are located between East Province One and Two. Near these provinces are located Artazon and Lavincia, between which you’ll come across a few berries here and there.  

Additionally, on the map, you’ll notice an area near these two cities, which you can either access by a bridge or a flying mount. Explore this area, and pick up any shining objects you come across, and you’ll acquire a few berries.

By searching these areas, you’ll find multiple berries such as the Grepa Berry, Tamato Berry, Pomeg Berry, etc. So find all these shining objects, and eventually, you’ll come across multiple berries, which is time-consuming but will also help you save a significant amount of money.  

However, you can purchase the reset berries from the auction house if you need more money. For this, you need access to Porto Marinada. The items available at the auction house rotate daily, so you can’t be sure when you will get these berries, so keep checking regularly.

Once you spot a berry you need, place a bid for it, and the bidding war will begin. Other NPCs will try to outbid you, so keep outbidding them, and soon you will have the berries you desire.

The items sold at the Porto Marinada auction house are generally cheaper than stores, so you don’t have to worry about running out of money when placing these bids.

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