Where To Find Moon Stone In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Moon Stone belongs to the category of Evolution stones in Pokemon SV that is primarily used to evolve Fairy-type. Like the other evolution stones, this black stone having a resemblance to night can also be collected and used to evolve from Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff. If you are looking for the exact locations to find a Moon Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, allow us to help out.

Pokemon SV Moon Stone location

Unlike the Water or the Thunder stones, Moon Stone cannot be bought from the shops. As of now we only know of one location out in the wild where a moon stone can be found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The best way to find the moon stone is to look for it in South Province Area Three.

Once in the area, go through the canyons until you spot a large tree with some rocks behind it. Behind those rocks, on another patch of green, next to another small tree, you will find the glowing moon stone.

Pokemon SV Moon Stone location

One alternate way to reach here is to spawn in South Province Area Five. There will be a ridge and you need to jump and land in Area Three and this tree will be present there.

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