How To Catch Miraidon In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Miraidon is one of the legendary Pokémons on which you can get your hands. His type is electric and dragon making him very potent against water-type Pokémons in battle.

Paldea Pokédex number for Miraidon is 399. As it stands, Miraidon’s egg type along with his evolution is unknown but if he has an evolution players will find it sooner or later.

The following is how you can find and catch Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Miraidon location in Pokemon SV

To get Miraidon, you need to play Pokémon Scarlet, he cannot be obtained in Pokémon Violet under any circumstances.

Just like Koraidon, Miraidon can be caught using the same method you use to catch other Pokémons. He is located in the vicinity of Poco Path Lighthouse during the early game.

Similar to Koraidon, you cannot just use Miraidon in his battle form right after catching him. You need to first beat the game to get access to Miraidon’s Battle form.

How to get Miraidon’s battle form

Once you have completed the game, you can get access to battle mode for Miraidon. Follow the simple steps below to get access to Miraidon in Pokémon Scarlet.

  • Make room for Miraidon in your party to add him after completing the game.
  • To select Koraidon from the menu, access the selection menu by pressing X on your controller.
  • Here you would need to select Miraidon to enable his battle mode.

The following are the base stats of Miraidon.

  • HP: 100
  • Attack: 85
  • Defense: 100
  • Special Attack: 135
  • Special Defense: 115
  • Speed: 135

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