How To Catch Bramblin In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

The Bramblin is an elusive muti-type pokemon that is influenced by the wind in Pokemon SV. Here is how to catch it.

Bramblin is a 9th-generation Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet and belongs to the Grass/Ghost type. It looks like a tumbleweed, so it might be difficult to spot in the terrain. If you are looking the places to find and catch Bramblin in Pokemon SV, then this guide contains pretty much everything you need to know for the job.

Possessing good base stats and abilities, Bramblin can also be evolved into Brambleghast when the conditions are met. It is often found rolling around with the wind. As per the common rumors, it is the spirit of a lost traveler.

Bramblin location in Pokemon SV

As described in the Pokedex Habitat, Bramblin can be found in two places. One is Asado Desert, and the other is East Province Area Three. Wind causes this Pokemon to constantly move. So you need to explore a bit, and you will find it rolling somewhere with the wind.

For Asado Desert, you have to spawn at Mesagoza city and make your way to the desert either on foot or your mount.

How to catch Bramblin in Pokemon SV

Once you spot a Bramblin, throw a Pokeball at it to gain an advantage in the fight. Once the battle starts, defeat and throw another Pokeball to capture Bramblin in Pokemon SV.

Bramblin Type, Abilities, and Weakness 

Bramblin possesses different traits in Pokemon SV based on its two types: Glass and Ghost. Its Grass-type nature makes it a good opponent against water, ground, and rock-type attacks, but it’s weak against Fire, Ice, Bug, and Flying-type moves. At the same time, its Ghost-type nature enhances its defense abilities.  

Bramblin possesses Wind Rider ability. If the Pokemon is hot with a Tailwind or any other wind move, it increases the attack stat and makes it more likely to land a decisive blow on its opponents. Bramblin possesses a hidden Infiltrator ability, which makes it pass through opponents’ protective barriers. 

Let’s list down Bramblin’s weaknesses: 

  • Ghost 
  • Ice 
  • Dark 
  • Flying 
  • Fire 

Bramblin Evolution 

Bramblin Evolution in Pokemon SV

Unlike the other Pokemons, Bramblin’s evolution is simpler. If you wish to evolve your Pokemon from Bramblin to Brambleghast, you need to make it follow you for 1000 steps. The best approach is running in circles but stopping and letting it catch up.

Another approach is to make it follow you in water, as the Pokemon matches the player’s speed in water. 

Bramblin Stats 

In addition to the abilities, Bramblin has some good base stat scores, which count 275 in total. 

  • HP 40 
  • Attack 65 
  • Defense 30 
  • Special Attack 45 
  • Special Defense 35 
  • Speed 60

Bramblin Best Tera Type 

Tera types enable Pokemons to temporarily transform into a different type. Bramblin’s best tera type is Glass-Type. This transformation enhances Bramblin’s existing potent attacks and nullifies the weaknesses of Fire-type assaults.  

Bramblin Best Nature in Pokemon SV

Each Pokemon possesses a nature, like an innate ability that subtly influences the stats. Considering Bramblin, the Adamant and Jolly are the best natures. Adamant helps with an increased attack, and the other enhances the speed. This makes Bramblin elusive in combat. 

Bramblin Egg Groups and Details 

Bramblin belongs to Grass Egg Groups (0946) and can expand the breed with different Pokemon if they share the same moves. 

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