How To Auto Battle In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet not only introduce a range of new Gen-9 Pokemon but also new Let's Go mechanics to...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet not only introduce a range of new Gen-9 Pokemon but also new Let’s Go mechanics to make it far easier (and enjoyable) to add more Pokemon to your collection. Auto Battles are new to Pokemon SV. You can now sit back and watch your Pokemon automatically battle other Pokemon without you having to go through attacks, strengths, weaknesses, types, etc.

If you come across an area with multiple Pokemon roaming about, simply send out your Pokemon to Auto Battle all of them. The whole process will take hardly a few seconds, and the time you save from Auto-Battling can be then put to better use.

The following guide will tell you more about how to Auto Battle to make your Pokemon go solo in Scarlet and Violet.

How to enable auto battles in Pokemon SV

You will unlock the ability to do auto battles fairly early in the game. All you have to do is stick to the main campaign until you reach the point where a whole tutorial will be shown to explain how the feature works in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This will happen when you arrive in Los Platos.

Hence, you will be able to auto-battle almost from the start of your journey in Pokemon SV.

How to Walk With Pokemon

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can send out your leading Pokemon in any direction you want using the Let’s go feature.

Just press the R button and select the area where you want to send the Pokemon. Make sure to press the R button to initiate the auto battle. There is no bug which might have caused this to happen but due to the game’s funny interface, it can be confusing to figure out why auto battle isn’t working. 

If your Pokemon struggles in the battles, you must recall it by pressing the ZR button. This will ensure the survival of Pokemon and also provide a breather.

Once the health bars are complete, you can send them back for more auto battles.

How do auto battles work in Pokemon SV

Take note that doing auto battles do not guarantee victory every time. The outcome of an auto-battle depends on several factors, starting with the levels and types of Pokemon involved.

Upon winning the battle, your Pokemon will get a small amount of XP and the other Pokemon in your team will get half of that amount.

Your Pokemon can get damage during the battles. You cannot use the same Pokemon for auto battles until they completely heal. Ensure that you are not using auto-battle against a rare spawn Pokemon. To catch it, you must fight normally and catch it.

One thing to note here is that if try to initiate an auto battle in water, it will not work on certain Pokemon. The easiest way to recognize such Pokemon is that they will appear on a white-colored float while in water.  

Leveling up your Pokemon

Every battle requires your Pokemon to be strong. The best way to prepare for a gym battle, Titan Pokemon fight, or a Starfall boss battle is to earn EXP to develop Pokemon.

Use the Let’s go feature and have your Pokemon farm on EXP passively by doing different things in the Pokemon world.

However, farming EXP only through auto battles will not initiate the evolution even when the required level is hit. Just as your Pokemon is about to level up, stop auto battling and use EXP Candy or have a normal battle to evolve your Pokemon successfully. If you miss this target, your Pokemon may never evolve again. 

Farming crafting Items

It becomes very hectic to collect every item on your own. The let’s go feature not only helps auto-battles but also allows you to gather many things. Your Pokemon will search the area and collect items, and you can use them to carry out TM Crafting.

Catching a Wild Pokemon

Auto-battles provide you with an excellent opportunity to catch wild Pokemon.

Ensure that the wild Pokemon does faint during battle. When the wild Pokemon is on the brink of defeat, recall your Pokemon using the ZR button. Then initiate a normal battle with the Wild Pokemon and catch it.

Catching Shiny Pokemon in auto battles

You cannot fight shiny Pokemon using the auto-battle feature in Pokemon SV. If you direct your Pokemon toward a shiny one, the battle is not going to start.

You can only capture shiny Pokemon using normal battle.

Pokemon evolutions in auto battles

Evolution is not possible for any kind of Pokemon during auto battles. You need to cancel the auto-battle before the level-up. Initiate a normal battle and upon reaching the required level, your Pokemon will evolve. You can also use the EXP candy to level up and evolve your Pokemon.

EV training with Auto Battle: 

Auto Battle does not provide any EV points. To gain these points, you will need to conduct a proper fight and either faint the opposing Pokemon or catch them manually. 

EV are the total of 6 stats and the points are a total of 510. Each stat will go up to 252 but you cannot have a full stacked Pokemon. You can max out on two stats and then need to place the remaining points elsewhere. 

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